Guess I'll start the MMP

Good Mornin’ Y’all! Up and caffeinatin’. YAWN ‘Tis 59 Amurrkin out and rainy with a predicted high of 68 and rainy for the day. I have an appointment with the doc at eleven this mornin’. I remembered it last night and phone also reminded me. On top of that I got a text from the doc’s office to remind me. Phone has also reminded me again this mornin’. Thus I am most well aware I have to go to the doc. So I shall have to don appropriate goin’ about the public attire and go out in the rain. Woe. Woe, I say! I shall also rotiss a chikin for sup. Side matter TBD. I suppose I should also at least start of some cave spiffin’ this afternoon as well.

Now I need more caffeine and to feed rumbly tummy. Then I must purtify and go about the public. Woe. Woe, again I say!

OK I’ve started the MMP. Feel free to chime in on any and everything as is the wont of the MMP.

Happy Moanday Y’all!

Happy Moonday!

Did not sleep well last night, but I shouldn’t be surprised. I slept in until 7:30 yesterday and then took a 3 hour nap yesterday evening.

I’d rather not be awake right now but I have to go to irk.

My commute is a lot longer than it used to be. No more sitting up in bed and pulling the computer over to me. Now I have to get up, make sure I don’t step on the dog, walk four steps out of the bedroom, then down the long hallway, down the stairs, and into the living room.
Today I made a detour through the kitchen to the powder room since I didn’t stop in the bathroom on my way down.
Life is hard :frowning:

Supposed to be clear with a high of 50 today, so maybe get a little more yard irk done.
Yesterday we got the rest of the branches cut up and out for the trash. There is still some cardboard that needs to go but the container only holds so much. Unfortunately, there is a lot more cardboard coming as da jungle orders are delivered.
A mess of stuff is coming today, which I can get wrapped and ready to go.

I took pork chops out for my dinner, ground beef for my son.

On with the day.

Second! I have no idea what the day will bring. My Christmas tree is up and decorated. I usually put red bows and silver beads as a finishing touch, but I think it looks pretty without. My shopping is done and I have one present to mail.

Third. A very late third; where is everyone?
Swampy, don’t forget to go to the doctor!
Poor, poor, Sari. :frowning:
I went to the Maul yesterday morning, got something for…me. :smiley:
Got some ideas for gifts but didn’t purchase anything yet.

Spent a nice day in Milwaukee on Saturday. But on the way back, we got caught in a freezing rain storm. A normally 2 hour drive turned into about a 3 hour drive. There were stretches where we were only doing about 30 on the highway because it was ice. But we made it back, safe and sound.

While in Milwaukee, we toured this awesome distillery. They had a barrel-aged gin that was surprisingly delicious. I normally HATE gin. I don’t drink Christmas trees. But when they barrel-age the gin after distillation, it takes on a boubon-like quality. It’s much more mellow and rich; instead of tasting like a pine tree, it tastes like drinking bourbon while in a forest of pine trees. I experimented a little with it and made some gin Old Fashioneds. The right kind of bitters really pairs with the smoky aromatics of the aged gin.

I had spruce beer once. I thought to myself that it tasted like I was drinking a tree.

Sixth Howdy all! Irking as usual. Since the Federal Government is closed for the National Day of Mourning I am keeping my fingers crossed that I shall have the day off on Wed. Prolly just jinxed it.

Morning all. Like swampy I need to go out in public to do some banking and lay in the December provisions. I’ve got the shopping list made so it shouldn’t be too difficult. 49F out, which may be the high temperature for the week.

I don’t drink at all (except for the occasional beer in social situations), so no idea how gin or any other drinks would taste.

Sari, such a long journey. You should go on strike for better working conditions…

Juliet, glad you had a good time and got home safely; I lived my first 27 years in N. Ohio and know what you speak of.

Wetone, congrats on the Xmas shopping; I still have to do mine, but since they are all gift cards, mine won’t take that long.

swampy, I get an e-mail from my Dr. the day before and a phone call from the dentist. I already know my next dental appointment (May 8th, 2019).

Wonder if FCM has finished her cruise and we’ll hear from her this week.

That’s all from here. Need to warm up the house and make myself presentable.

It’s going to be a day…

Got a bill from my son’s school and …

way back they said we owed them @$170 for books. I said I paid for the books, but I went ahead and paid the $170 so he could register for classes. Last week we got the money back. Today I got a bill saying I owe the money again.
Between this, the stupid error message when he was trying to register, and his screwed up grades that haven’t been fixed, I am NOT happy with Frostburg.
All of his classes, except business, are online courses through the book publishers. Why they need professors?. Well, some of the professors give assignments in addition to the course work. (At the community college it was required, ALL classes, even math, had to have written assignments, not so at Frostburg). Anyway, in the one class the tests come through the publishers and the tests are graded by the computer and he had several questions marked wrong that were correct. Like even I know that humans do NOT have 46 pairs of chromosomes.

Sometime today I have to get back to working on the FAFSA, which I am sure is going to require a phone call. I shall try to rein in my snark.

Then I have to call the mortgage company that wants to refinance my mortgage and tell ask them WTF?! Last conversation I told them I wanted to think about it and that there was some work that needed to be done on the house or it won’t pass the FHA inspection. I have peeling paint in the bathroom, and FHA will NOT approve a house, espcially one over 100 years old, that has peeling paint. The mortgage company already got an appraiser, who is calling me, only I didn’t answer the phone because I didn’t recognize the number, so now they are sending me emails.

So I need to call the college, the FAFSA people, the mortgage company, the appraiser.
I need to get on my son to email his professor about the messed up grades, although if he does well on the final he will get an A in the class, so maybe is not worth it.

The cat is overdue for his vet appointment, but I think I am going to take him to the clinic at the shelter, which is a whole lot cheaper.
I have boxes pouring in from da jungle, so far 5 boxes and 1 envelope. Ripple is going crazy because to him the front door means either pizza or treats.

the dishwasher seems to be working okay. My land line is working. My cell phone is working.

The squirrel hole still needs filling. I told my son I will get the neighbor’s ladder and do it myself since nobody else who said they would do it has done it. That flips him out because as much as he is afraid to get on a ladder, he is even more afraid of me getting on a ladder.
OAOASO owes me $25, I want it, and he got shitty with me for asking for it. Well I was supposed to have it two weeks ago, then last week, and I am still waiting. He ignored my text on Friday, he ignored my text on Saturday, then yesterday he sends a text saying the bank is closed so what is the point of talking about it. This is why I stopped loaning him money a long time ago, he got me in a weak moment, and you can be sure that won’t happen again.
The emissions test still needs to be done, and the truck is overdue for an oil change. Not that I worry so much at it being overdue since I still have something like 86% oil life left, it’s just been a year since the last change. I still don’t even have 30,000 miles on it yet.

The sun is finally shining, but the ground is still wet.

Anyway, I feel very stressed even though none of this is life threatening. It is all however a pain in the ass, especially anytime I have to talk to idiots.

I need some breakfast, although now I suppose it should be lunch.

My family used to get squirrels in our roof. Then some birds moved into the hole. We got an exterminator who was able to get all the birds and squirrels out safely and fix things up.

Afternoon all.

Back from playing with tiny plants. With great relief. I’m partly going there 'cos it’s interesting and there’s stuff I can do, but also to do a project which is a major chunk of this year’s course. It’s a design-yer-own experiment, I have to write it up and do a presentation at the end of the year. What I’m doing involves sowing fern spores on different things, then measuring them (somehow, I’m working on that bit), then stats will happen.

I’d sowed the spores in October, expecting them to be visibly doing something in about 2-3 weeks.
And waited…

Checked under a microscope after 2 weeks, nope.

and waited…

After 4 weeks, nothing happening.

…and started panicking 'cos there now wasn’t really enough time to start again and still get usable results in time for the deadline.

Suddenly, today, I have tiny but measurable plants. They’ve just popped up in the last few days; the lady who runs the lab checked for me last Friday.

I was starting to think I’d be doing a big write-up and presentation that amounted to ‘I spent 6 months messing about, but none of my fern spores germinated, I dunno why.’

Afternoon. Up, caffeinated, and sheveled. Closing shift tonight. My phone got a call from an Arkansas number. Probably Flytrap, trying to sell me whale oil futures contracts, and oceanfront property in Nebraska.:dubious:

What kind of bitters did you use?

Liquid Pine Tree

Sari, I hear you on the petty annoyances. I have my credit card and auto loan through the same bank, using the same bank info:
Credit card paid: “sure payment scheduled!”
Car loan, paid 30 seconds later: “Invalid account”:mad::rolleyes::confused::dubious:

Nut, see nothing to worry about. Like Jesus said, “The spore you will always have with you.”

And in sad news, the wife of one of the guys who used to play at Tir Na Nog pass away this morning.:frowning: R.I.P. Connie aka “The Warden”

College has been called, I don’t owe them any money even though the web page says I do. Nice lady there totally understood my fafsa issues as she has two kids in college.

FAFSA done, all that headache for nothing as he is now considered to be an independent student and no longer needs my information. If the college needs it they will contact me.

Now I need to contact the mortgage company.

I understand the cc woes Doggio
I am sorry about your friend.

I have a cousin who is so efficient. I got my first Christmas card Saturday, and it was from her. I need to order Christmas cards.

I can’t believe it is almost 2:00, I haven’t gotten much done.

I am off on Wed in observance of the National Day of Mourning. Yay!

Busy day today so far.

if you have waste management for trash you can get 2 yard bins and 2 recycling bins for free so you could get one more of each ……

Afternoon, everyone! It’s 68 Amurrikin out here and overcast with the possibility of rain.

Today was my payday, so I finished paying off Mom’s Amazon Kindle 7, which is my Christmas present to her. She’s already had it in her possession for about a week, because her previous Fire was becoming a pain in the butt.

We paid off our property tax bill from the city. (Whoever thought of doing this in December?! Got Christmas presents to buy!) We put the money orders in with a lovely Thomas Kincaide Christmas card. We also did McDonald’s for breakfast, and Food Lion for grocery shopping.

Yesterday was Dad’s birthday, so Mom and I called her and sang Happy Birthday. (Personal pronoun was deliberate; Dad’s trans.)

still cold still xmas decorating …… paying bills sucks also …….

today is bleh

Good news: The guy who tried to mug Mrs. Plant (v.3.0) several years ago has his parole revoked.
Bad news: “Possession of a firearm by various persons.”

So, you’re in lockup? :dubious:
Welcome back, Flipper!

flytrap, at least he won’t be around the place for awhile. Getting parole a second time might be a bit harder…

Flipper, I also manage to get bills for December (Yard, Pest Control, a couple annual subscriptions) and have to budget for them and Xmas. A pain, it is, I agree.

Sari, want to bet you get another bill from them in the near future? Hope the mortgage and appraiser are easier to deal with.

doggio, condolences on your friends’ loss.

Nut, no results is a result after all, so you were covered. Glad the tiny plants are showing up.

Shopping has been completed, took trips to three stores since most places hadn’t completely restocked from the weekend, but I found everything so the larder is full. Filled up the gas tank while I was at it, only used 87-Octane this time, I usually use 89, so I’ll see if it affects mileage/performanace at all.

Probably only have a sammich for dinner, and chillage will now ensue.