Wrapping up July in the MMP

Another month about done, and August will begin shortly. As a kid, this would have caused major despair - almost time for back to school. As a parent, it was time to rejoice - almost time for back to school! :smiley:

Is there anything in your life the desperately needs doing before summer is gone? You’re running out of time, you know!

Happy Moanday!

W00T! First!

I’ll be glad when summer is over, since it’s 49 days till hockey preseason. :smiley:

And I desperately need to go to the laundromat after work.

Good Mornin’ Y’all! Up and caffeinatin’. YAWN ‘Tis 73 Amurrkin out and clear with a predicted high of 89 and rain/tstorms/apocalypse this afternoon/evenin’. Pretty much the forecast for the whole upcomin’ week accordin’ to TWPTB. I shall spiff da cave today. Rah. We shall sup upon beastloaf and whatever side matter I decide upon. Too early to brain just yet.

Some skoolz in the area are already open (they claim to be year round skool systems) and a bunch will be crankin’ up next week. So I reckon kiddies are crammin’ in that last bit o’ summer fun this week. I use to buy stuff like peas, beans, squish, etc and spend time gettin’ ‘em ready for da freezer. However, nowadays, one can buy fresh stuff already shelled, cut up, whatever at the farmer’s market. Costs a little more but I don’t spend hours shellin’, peelin’, choppin’ etc, so that’s what I do now. My big goal for the rest of Summer is to spend as much quality cee-mint pond time as possible. :smiley:

From last week’s MMP:

{{{ruble}}} how awful! Your friend, her family, and of course OW and you are in my thoughts and prayers.

Now I need more caffeine and to feed rumbly tummy. Then, onward into the day! Rah.

Happy Moanday Y’all!

I don’t know what time the remodel folks are coming, so I set my alarm for 6am; of course I was up by 5am…

I think I’m ready and have cleared out everything, I expect to find out I’m wrong but that’s life. Have eaten my last frozen food meal for awhile (unless they leave the refrigerator plugged in for a couple more days) which could be bad or good.

Outside of getting this remodeling done and the chaos re-organized before Columbus Day, I think summer plans are pretty much done. Now for soccer and the Fall.

swampy, school starts here August 7th, so about a week to go before the buses start clogging up the roads.

School doesn’t start in this county till the day after Labor Day, so the kids have another month. Which is great - I always seem to get caught behind buses on the way home.

Happy Moonday!

It’s a cool 63 degrees outside, although it feels a bit like it is going to rain. Supposed to be partly cloudy all day with a high of 79.

Today makes the third day in a row that I got more than 7 hours sleep. I’m starting to feel alive again.

This summer hasn’t felt like much of a summer, it’s been cooler than usual.
I hate to see it come to an end though, but I had already noticed that the days are getting shorter. It takes longer to get light in the morning.

The one think I regret not doing again this year is more gardening. Since being on the thyroid pills I have more energy, but I am still not up to spending hours in the yard doing stuff. I also regret irking so much and not enjoying the outdoors more, but I have to make money to live so there is that.

I got a lot done over the weekend, both the yard and the house look better. I still have much to do, especially getting my taxes finished. That I am dreading.


Happy remodeling MetalMouse! and if you heard the way I talk to my brats you’d think I hated them. They get cussed at a lot, but they think it’s words of love when I threaten the cat to pull his little head off or tell the dog I am sending him back to his bio mom.

I don’t know if it counts but getting ready for winter. Bessie still needs inspected, furnace checked, some repairs on the house need done; stuff not easily done in cold and snow. And I am feeling the time crunch; most of this I had planned to finish by the end of July if not sooner. All this rain just has me thrown.

Slowly other things are getting back into my brain. I clued in the main cousins and other folks and work called (I turned them down but it was a nice distraction) so I am moving past the dwelling thing. And even with more storms predicted this week ----- well, that is what the Sportie is for. So I will be tracking the dry hours and trying to get some short knees-in-the-breeze in and that always helps my brain a lot.

Aaaannnnnndddd…just got a note from the contractor, several of his guys are out today, so he really, really promises to get started on Tuesday. No biggie, at least I can do a bit of shopping and planning.

77F heading for 90F, but looks like we may get some rain today. We shall see…




We survived our camping trip. My daughter was pretty good and loved it. Cooking by the campfire, s’mores, her telling a “spooky story” about pumpkins who sailed to a remote island in the middle of the ocean… all of it.

My two-year-old is lucky his adorable butt didn’t get left in the woods. Constantly running around, throwing his food, wouldn’t sleep, etc. He is normally a sweet, chill kid, but camping seemed to bring out his inner wild animal. We get that it’s different and unusual and new and exciting… but geez. He’s lucky he’s so darned cute and that we kinda love that dude.

Here’s my camping tip. If you don’t want your kid to run off while you’re assembling a tent, take his car seat out of the car and buckle him into it.

Just finished ingesting lunch. I’d forgotten that Josh had given me a bunch of panels to draft, and I’m about halfway thru that list. So I’ve had productivity this morning. Yay me!

**FCD **was all in a panic - his satellite radio cut out - for some reason, they had him down as month-to-month rather than annual, so he got that all straightened out and he’s happy again. I hear that we’ve had some serious rain so far this morning, but I haven’t ventured to the lobby, so I have no idea. My umbrella’s in the car, tho. Dammit. We’ll see what happens at 3:30.

So, just another grand and glorious day in paradise.


Skools round here only broke up for summer last week! They go back the first week of September, except me, 'cos I’m at skool for growed-ups, so I don’t go back 'til the 26th September.

I’m toying with the idea of trying to fit in a trip away, probably at the start of September (so I can :stuck_out_tongue: at the kids and get a cheaper trip), but my MOT (car annual safety check) is due that month as well, and it’s a bit of an old banger, so there’s a chance of big repair/replace bills. Not sure where I’d go, somewhere cheap to fly to from the local airport, probably.

Move. I have to MOVE! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

Before summer is over, I need to have the carpeting cleaned. That’s about it.

Juliet, glad you’re back safe and (mostly) sound from camping. A two year old in the woods; since they didn’t have to organize a search party, I’d say you did pretty good in the parental control business.

FCM, just looked at the NWS radar map, and chances of getting wet at 3:30 are…fairly decent. Good wishes in dodging rain-drops. (New Radar Landing Page)

Nut, what’s the closest airport? I’ve always heard that Brits went to Spain in the summer, but I’d guess a lot of locations would be within a 60-90 minute flight. Hope you can get away for at least a week; do wonders for you.

Sunny, Move as in call Allied Van Lines or move as in “get up you lazy sod and wash the dishes”. Just trying to determine my level of concern…:cool::stuck_out_tongue:

Went to the paint store to get a couple of color swatches and then stopped by the local carpet place to browse. Cost isn’t too extreme, so I’ll probably get the Bedroom done sinc ethe opportunity is there.

Bought some supplies for the little fridge I have in my spare room. Appears I will be surviving on Braunsweiger sammiches, Oreo Cookies, Bananas, and Celery. Which I have no doubt that I can do…

Swampy is older???

and gay

which never gets old somewhat unlike him :smiley:

Anything that needs doing before the summer is done? Yes, everything.
I’m not making a joke here. I’ve got so many problems that I need to work on, that it’s just become overwhelming to work on any of them, so things in my life never get done, and then additional problems pile up, and I end up not working much on those either. And this whole thing was an issue before, though I did seem to be making progress, and then my mother’s death made me even less inclined to get anything important done.

And then I think about how bummed I get that I’m not getting anything done… it just goes around in a circle, like an ant mill I’m struggling to break free of.

I’m trying to work on things. I’ve written a list of my problems down. I’m working on cleaning. And I ordered two books today that I think can help me.

I think that what I really need is a therapist. So I researched that online, and found out that most local therapists are already fully booked, and all of them are expensive. (Unless you have insurance - so I’m discussing insurance with my dad, and what it could possibly do.)

Anyway, sorry for all these serious ramblings in a forum that’s supposed to be mundane and pointless.

I should get back to doing useful work on things. Though I think writing this post sort of helps, as it allows me to gather my thoughts.

Da cave is spiffed so chill mode ensues. Go Me! I have decided on baked sweet N.O.T. and green beans to go with the beastloaf. Not very imaginative but 'twill be good. Plus easy. I’m all about the easy.

Juliet thanks for the bday wish. Glad campin’ was, well, relatively uneventful.

{{{Midget}}} again, part of what we’re here for is to be a soundin’ board, so sound away anytime.

Midget we’re here for the venting and the helping. I know exactly how you feel. :frowning:

MetalMouse move, as in move to CA, and I’ve gotten very little done. I have a house bought to move into, but it won’t be ready until October. The school year starts August 15, and I think it would be better for the kids to be there then, but I don’t have a place to live between school start and house ready. The packing is started, but not completed. I am feeling completely overwhelmed. Just typing this out is making me panic. Bleah.

Metal Mouse I prefer to avoid Brits on holiday, especially the sunburned-beer-gut-out t a l k s l o w to furriners type who sadly abound.

The cheapest from the little local airport is Germany (Frankfurt), followed by Portugal (Faro), with Spain (Alicante) coming up third. I’ve been to Germany a few times (including Frankfurt), Spain once (though not Faro) but never Portugal.

Adding the second closest airport, which is a little bigger, throws Italy and France into the mix at roughly the same cost, counting the cost of the bus to get there (I could drive and leave the car at a friend’s house for only a little more, if it’d be an early flight; I used to work in that airport, I know the buses). The prices are low enough to be worth it just for a couple of days; under £100 including getting to the airport.

I think I might have to, while Europe will still let us in.

Midget, don’t feel bad about venting here. I often feel like a burden when I’m venting, no matter to whom. I get it. And many of us do. We’re here. Sometimes, it helps to just say the words that you don’t want to admit you need to say.

Nut, stop overthinking it. Just get out and go! Pick a place you can afford, and get on a plane. (I know, easier said than done… I’m a big planner, so do as I say, not as I do!)