Tell me some good news

With all the bad news in the world–global warming, war-torn countries, poverty, famine, ethnic slaughter, a new season of The Simple Life–it seems we’re due for a good news thread.

It can be environmental, political, personal, anything you want to share. Let’s hear some positive stuff. :slight_smile:

I got a part in the fall play.

And Monday is over.

also, look, a little turtle.

FriarTed accepted my apology. (last two posts)
Bobby the orphaned fawn is thriving in my field. (He is near the end of the slideshow.)

I have had my new e-nor-mous puppy for exactly one month. She hasn’t made a mistake in the house. She hasn’t chewed or broken anything. She hasn’t eaten the cat.

What is your good news?

My good news is that the only cat fur currently in the cat suite is connected to cats. This situation will last about an hour.

Beaucarnea, not only did I love your pictures, but your captions made laugh so hard I scared the cats.

I don’t believe you’ll eat Bobby. Vegetarians don’t eat venison.

Last week, I was shopping at Value Village (a thrift store) for new (to me, at least) clothing when a woman walked up to me and gave me her coupon for five dollars off at the register. If she is reading this, thank you very much!

Similarly, my Dad was getting kitty litter at Costco for my sister’s new kitten when a woman came up and gave him a coupon for it plus several others. They got to talking and she said she has a feral cat that she is rehabilitating. After three months of being locked in one room, he’s finally gotten to where he’ll let her pet him and she has hopes that he’ll make a fine indoor cat eventually. She’s done this before with good results. So, for helping feral kitties live safer and healthier lives and for giving my Dad those coupons, I thank you!

I did my road test for my motorcycle license today. I passed! The examiner only had one minor little observation - I think they’re obliged to find something to criticize.

Anyway - I’m now a fully licensed motorcyclist.

No demon attacks this week! Granted, it’s only Monday…

The problem with “the family car” that I expected to cost around $700 to fix will only set me back $160.

Whoo-f’ing-pee! :rolleyes:

After waiting for weeks, I was called in today to interview for a position as a substitute teacher in my son’s school district. Aced the interview and was asked to return for training this Friday. I’m in!

My baby took his first step.

I’m going out on a date this week. We’re getting milkshakes. I am deciding whether to watch a John Cusack movie in preparation. And only half joking about that.

This may be a tad general, Kythereia, but hundreds of millions of people in this country are going about their daily business, running errands, making a living, paying for houses and cars and kids’ educations, holding doors for each other, smiling at each other and letting people merge into traffic (generally speaking, that is :wink: )…all the while sharing and giving love and support to their family members and loved ones.

Not to be a Pollyanna or anything, but I would bet that if you were to add up all the bad and/or negative things that people do each day and compare them to the number of positive, cheerful and loving things that people do each day, you’d find that the good outnumbers the bad by several millionfold.

I just saved a bunch of money on my car insurance by…

anvil suddenly falls out of nowhere onto Leaper’s head

I’m only missing one piece of furniture in my new flat. And I’ll hold Leaper for you while you hit him with a stuffed doll.

My company (well, the one I work for. I don’t own it!) is doing well, trying to come out of Startup status to a “real” copmany.
There is currently (almost) no shooting in the Middle East. And there have been some interesting political meetings.
It’s starting to be livable outdoors in the evening, in this neck of the woods. And Daylight Saving Time is almost over (so I’ll be leaving work and going home in the evening, when it’s nice outside :))
And given half a chance, I’d hug you just to cheer you up :slight_smile:

The lady who spent all day drinking tea and not noticing there was a bat in her cup, doesn’t have to get rabies shots. :smiley:

We just found out that we’re getting a large sum of money as a present from my husband’s father to buy our first house. And that with that large a down payment, we can afford the house we want in the neighborhood we want - which is why we have been renting because we don’t want to live anywhere else.

So its good. All good.


Wow. Just wow.

I checked my coffee cup for bats, and found none.

It’s a small victory and minor good news, but good nonetheless.

Oh, and tonight is the meeting of those two fabled dopers, What Exit, and Mr Bus Guy. That ought to draw some headlines.

The weather’s nice. And I finally got the kinks in my class schedule worked out.