Good. Nicole Kidman's not getting married at the chapel down the street from me

Early reports had her getting married on Sunday at a chapel about 50 metres down the street from my place. Nobody in the neighbourhood was thrilled about the likely media/paparazzi/traffic scrum that would have ensued.

Thankfully it appears that the wedding has now been moved to the beachside suburb of Manly. Sunday can return to normal.

Wasn’t it only weeks ago they were denying even being partners, and now they’re getting married?

Not that I care, but when it gets shovelled in front of you, it’s hard to avoid absorbing some of it.

Our parents are close friends with the Kidman family. Of course since superstardom, I don’t move in such illustrious circles and haven’t spoken or met with a La Kidman since early childhood, if ever. Certainly I only recall the younger sister Antonia, who is both striking and tall. Although I came across the dad through work occasionally. Anyway, it is odd to be reminded of that nearness when I see old Priest from wayback, Paul Coleman SJ, talking to the press. Funny old world.

Here in my sleepy little no-one has-ever-heard-of-us town, we woke up one morning to a huge front page photo spread about Julia Roberts and Lyle Lovette being wed here on the fly.

It seems Lyle was touring, and popped the question. He was playing Indianapolis that night and the tour bus driver says “Hey, I’m from a little town just north of here, I know a church and a preacher!”

They contacted some city official who opened up the courthouse on a Sunday morning, got them a license, and they left town a few hours later as man and wife. All I remember about it was that in the picture of here walking down the aisle she was bare-foot.

I don’t have a clue as to who she’s marrying, nor do I intend to pursue an answer.

That blissful ignorance thing… yeah, it rocks.

It’s that country singer Keith Urban, who was the lead singer for a pretty decent band called The Ranch.

[Nelson]Ha, ha! You learned![/Nelson]

I can’t speak for lieu, but I have no clue who that is. So…it’s still just like not knowing.

Keith Urban is a singer from Australia. His most notable song is one where he sings, “Take your cat and leave my sweater.” Okay, so he’s not going to win any awards for lyrics.

But. He’s quite yummy.

Honestly, I’m not really a country music fan, but I must say that his work with The Ranch is actually pretty good… much better than what his current stuff probably sounds like, based only on your quote there.

You should check it out…