Good Prank For a Teacher

ok well i wanna do a prank on this teacher of mine. i need some ideas! since i have a teacher that wants to do it w/ me i cant really get in too much trouble. any help would be awesome!

You have a teacher that wants to do a prank with you? That’s great. You’re right, with a teacher helping you with the prank, you can’t get in too much trouble.

ya well the teacher i wanna get played a prank on the teach on my side so its cool

Not sure of your situation, so I don’t know if this will work, but when I was in high school I had a teacher I pulled this on:
Whenever he handed out worksheets that were due the next day, I always grabbed 2 of them. Then, after finishing mine, I had a friend (whom was not in that class) fill out the other (for different handwriting you know). We made up a totally ficticious name to put on the worksheet. Then, when the entire class handed in their worksheets, I’d mix the worksheet in from this “ghost student” in. After about 2 weeks of this the old guy was nuts. He’d come in every day and interogate the class “Which one of you is Benji Hadd?!” He couldn’t figure out why he was getting homework from a student that consistantly ditched class. It was a laugh riot watching him pour over his grade books trying to find out who this kid was.:stuck_out_tongue:

The only thing is, I never let the teacher in on it, because it wasn’t really a joke, but more a revenge scheme. I was pissed about a low grade he gave me in a class he taught the previous semester. You might want to let your teach in on the gag after a while.

So, you’re asking us for suggestions to help you undermine the authority figures at your school and in addition humiliate a grownup who is getting paid less than the custodian for the privilege of inculcating all of the knowledge and civiliation of Humanity into grateful little minds like yours?


–Not. :rolleyes:

bad pk, no biscuit

Oh, for…
Before you jump all over me, let me add that I pulled that prank in 1978. Ancient history. Doesn’t count. Youthful indiscretion. I’ve grown up and learned that kind of thing ain’t right.

[size=0]Oh, who am I kidding. I’d do it again if I had the chance.:wink:

Try confetti in the maps or movie screen, so he gets showered when he pulls it down.

Or, put all of his books in the wrong order.

(We did both of these to the Physics teacher at my high school.)

There’s always the chalk-stuck-in-the-eraser trick…

Or, the best of all, done before my time: one senior class planted carrots all over the algebra teacher’s front lawn. Took a few months for the joke to “bloom,” but I’ll bet his reaction was priceless when he discovered that all those weeds had carrots underneath! True story!

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