Teacher Pranks

OK i had this thread in GQ but since it didnt have a factual answer, they closed it. so anyway, long story short me and a teacher are getting “revenge” on another teacher for a prank. we need some ideas! anything would be awesome

When I was in HS, a bunch of students rotated a teacher’s desk 180 degrees, then re-arranged everything on top of the desk to make it look like it was still facing the right direction. The teacher sat down, and it wasn’t 'till he reached to open a drawer that he realised what was wrong!

My friends and I spent much of our time in high school conspiring to play pranks on teacher and administrators. Most of them were never successfully carried out, but it’s the thought that counts.

One of the funniest things we pulled off was actually a prank played on another student, not a teacher. This particular student, who was nicknamed “Grimey” so that’s what I’ll call him, was a complete mental case. Grimey was legendary in our school for causing all kinds of havoc. I was sort-of friends with him, but willing to play relatively harmless pranks on him because I knew he would flip out and make a big scene, which was usually very funny.

So, myself and another friend fabricated an envelope addressed to Grimey c/o his guidance counselor, with a return address from a military base in New Mexico. It was complete with a postage meter mark with the correct ZIP code and everything. For the contents of the letter, I found a scan of one of those censored UFO documents released under the Freedom of Information Act online. I downloaded it and manipulated it in Photoshop, so it still looked like a government document, but said other things. The blacked-out words were placed strategically, so the message read something like “OUR RECORDS INDICATE THAT GRIMEY MUST BE INTERROGATED REGARDING [CENSORED]. HE SHOULD REPORT TO [CENSORED] AIR FORCE BASE IN [CENSORED] AT EXACTLY NOON ON [CENSORED], 2001. REGARDS, [CENSORED].”

We then placed the sealed enveloped on his homeroom teacher’s desk, and of course she delivered it to him. Now, any sane person would have realized this was a joke, but Grimey did exactly what we thought he would do, which was to go charging down to his guidance counselor’s office screaming that his counselor was part of a vast government conspiracy to silence him. It was one of the funniest things I have ever witnessed.

I have many more stories like this, but that’s enough for now :slight_smile:

-Andrew L

Some friends of mine once took two tires off the car of another friend and “auctioned” them off at school the next day. The auction itself was real, but the sale of her tires wasn’t.

Every once in a while, one of my teachers tells we chilluns of pranks he committed when he was a senior, most of them revolving around a friend with a dad who worked in construction.

The principal of the school was ultra-short, and his nickname was “Stumpy.” So my teacher and his friend used massive construction equipment to drop a stump weighing several hundred pounds in front of the school.

Another time they lifted a wrecked car and put it inside the courtyard where only more construction equipment could retrieve it.

Long Wait. If you’re doing some kind of physical labor and someone is helping you or is nearby you have them run to the building engineer or whoever (make sure they’re in on the joke) and ask for a long wait. It’s the play on words that gets them: they think they’re actually going to get some sort of weight and when they ask for it you have the engineer tell them to “wait here” and then they leave for fifteen or so minutes. When they come back they say, “Okay, that’s long enough.” The person is usually exasperated when they realize that they have just wasted fifteen minutes of their lives. It’s simple but very effective.

The Paper Stretcher. Or toner adder or whatever is appropriate for your job, just make sure whatever you pick is made up. This one is especially effective on new hires but you can get smart people as well if they haven’t had their coffee yet as it involves having the person wander aimlessly around the building for twenty minutes or so. You want multiple people in on the joke, the more the better. Also this prank involves a bit of preparation so make sure you have some time to spare. Basically you have the victim go from coworker to coworker looking for a fictional piece of junk and then delight in telling them when they triumphantly return that they have just wasted approximately half an hour of their life that they will never get back.

The first thing you have to do is find some piece of junk that looks like it would do something remotely related to whatever you’ve decided to send the victim for. Next you have to make sure where everyone in on the prank is going to be and decide what order the person is going to see them. Tell your “friend” that you need a paper stretcher for whatever you’re working on and that “Bill” or whoever has it and is in room 101 or whatever. When they get to Bill he tells them he has given it to Darlene who is in room 402 and so on. Make sure the people are spread out over the building and the person has to criss-cross their own path a lot to increase total travel time. When they get to the last person that person presents them with the piece of junk. For an added twist tell them you need a right-handed paper stretcher and then have the last person tell them they only have a left-handed one; they usually are so pissed off they will no longer care and take it anyways only to get more pissed off when you tell them that it had to be a right-handed paper stretcher. The best part is that for the rest of the day the victim can’t go anywhere in the building without hearing “Hey! Find that paper stretcher yet?”

Bucket of Ice. This barely qualifies as a prank and could get you fired but is pretty damn funny (in hindsight). A person I work with got a bucket and filled it with ice then proceeded to kick open the door to the break room, come screaming in (literally), dump it on one of his coworkers (me) then go screaming out of the room slamming the door behind him. This was a twenty-six y.o. man with a college degree folks. People in the room were on the floor with laughter and I had a piece of ice wedged in my ear that I had to wait for to melt before I could get it out.

When I was in high school some of the girl athletes made their coaches cookies out of cat food. I was friends with one of these coaches, and she told me that they weren’t half bad, and she had eaten two! They didn’t know what they had eaten until the next day when they got a card with the recipe attached. Sorry, I don’t know what was in it.

Regarding the “bucket of ice” prank…there was a history teacher in my high school who was widely disliked. One day she was teaching a class with the door open, when someone ran by in the hallway and threw a trash can full of water at her. Unfortunately I didn’t get to witness this incident, but I heard it described in detail by those who were in the class at the time. Interestingly, the perpetrator was never caught; I guess the teacher was so surprised that she didn’t get a chance to look out and see who had done it. That one happened in my freshman year of high school (97-98), and people there are still talking about it.

-Andrew L