Good shopping/deep discount sites for clothing?

Hi all. I need to re-up my clothes in a big way. As I am a cheap Yankee, I crave deep discounts with all my heart and soul. Iffen it ain’t 40% off, I don’t want none.

What are your fave shopping/sale websites for buying clothes? I know about Woot; they don’t do much clothes but there is a good bargain there every now and then. For instance, gents, Savile Row in London is selling shirts marked down from 210 USD to 43. Now that is a bargain! I also know about Amazon.

Anyplace else I can look, dear Dopers. Thanks.

Slickdeals has a lot of deals on clothes/shoes. It’s a site I check a few times a day, they also have deals on everything else - housewares, media, electronics, etc - people just submit deals they find.

Thanks for the tip. Anyone else got an idea?

What I tend to do is figure what brands I like for clothes and shoes (mostly shoes) and scan ebay for bargains. Or I’ll buy something in the store, and if I really like it then go buy two more online when there is a sale or a coupon code. Honestly I’ve never had much luck with browsing online discounts, I do better at brick+mortar closeout places like TJMaxx and Ross. I’ve always find the prices beat online discount sellers and you include shipping, WAG because their inventory system is to just dump everything on the sales floor and see what sells.

But that said, most non-discount places send out coupon codes and such if you get on your mailing list. Or check their online clearance section, which tends to closely mirror the sales rack at the back of the store.

If you have certain brands you like, check to get coupon codes for those websites. I’ve combined coupon codes with sales to get some pretty fantastic deals.

I don’t see a ton of great clothing deals online - most of the steep discounts tend to be for clothing in odd sizes or colors. However, the cases where I have gotten deals have just been going to major retailers that I tend to shop at, and watching their clearance sections for stuff that might be in my size.

Still, the best way to save money on clothes has been, in my experience, to shop in retail stores. Either shop for sales (esp. clearance) in regular retail stores, or go to places like TJ Maxx / Gordman’s / Marshall’s, etc. Once in a blue moon, I will find something I like in a mass retailer like Target or Wal-Mart, but since they tend to have sporatic coverage of plus sizes, it’s more of something I check once in awhile, especially for things that tend to never have good deals at big retailers (the only place I’ve ever found that had inexpensive jeans – that is, not generally $60+ – in my size is Wal-Mart, for example. Generally the rest of their clothing in my size is quite horrifying).

It also helps to get on the mailing list for your favorite retailer so you get coupons and special offers, then combine them with sales. can be hit-or-miss but I know people who get good deals on clothes there, too.

IME, I find a shirt/shoe/jacket/mukluk I like and then scope the internet for the best deal on it. For instance, I loved this shirt by Ex Officio, it’s extremely lightweight, it’s got a nice pattern, and I can shove it into a backpack for a couple days and when I pull it out, no wrinkles. It was on sale on one site for $45 (marked down from $60), I eventually found it as a closeout on for $20 and bought two of 'em.

I also was searching for another Arc’Teryx jacketand found and got a sweet, sweet deal on it.

So shop where you normally would and if you find a brand that you like, search on it until you find a better deal.

has a lot of cheap stuff, they used to mainly have camping stuff but now they have all types of clothes too.

I get loads of shoes from them!

As an experiment, I just recently ordered some clearance-priced clothes from I haven’t received them yet, so I don’t know if they’re any good. The company looks like it might be too square for a “soul brother” though…

Check out (kind of like slickdeals but I like the interface better).

Also, I check out the clearance racks at Target a couple times a month and there’s usually something good in my size.

I’ve gotten some great deals in the Lands End clearance section online. They aren’t ALL hot pink capris and matching bejewelled T-shirts. They have bargain and clearance sections.

Thanks for all the replies. Did not know the shopping channels had corresponding websites. Will check them out.

And that slickdeals site turned up a deep discount clothing store called Some nicey-nice silk blend camp shirts for 40% off plus. How good! Makes a cheap bastard’s pulse race it does.

I just made a purchase at Lands End. They have a great sale going on now. I got some cropped pants for 15.00, one pair of linen crops and quite a few summer light weight tops. They hem for free too. Check out their "overstocks"and “On the table” for the best deals. The clothes are good quality