Good things

I’m going to one this Saturday! Yay!

it’s this one, in NY:

It’s been YEARS since I’ve been to one, and I don’t know why. Me and the SO are totally into medieval stuff.

I can’t wait! I’m so excited!

In other news, the new park that has opened up near our area is really nice! I went there last night and there are nice trails in the woods, plus it overlooks the M____(long Native American name) lake.

What’s good in your life?

I have a kitten that has recently adopted me.

Other than that, I have two online friends that I might be able to meet for the first time in the next couple months. I’ve known one for about three years and he might be flying in in about two months to hang out with me for a week and I’ve known the other for about a year and if all goes well, will get to meet her in about a year when I fly to England to stay with her for a week or two.

The England thing is a bit far off, yes, but she and I only recently discussed it so it’s still big news to me. Unless I visit Canada sometime in the next year, it’ll be my first time out of the US.

Besides those three things, nothing’s really worth mentioning.

Elenia28 - do NOT miss the Bard O’Neill (she’s wonderful), The Bold & Stupid Men, or Cantiga. You’ll thank me.

Good things for me right now: creativity on the upswing with two new jewelry designs coming together well, putting my in-laws’ house on the market, two more weekends of the Bristol Renaissance Faire, two magazine articles in the chute and pending publication and a brand-new tin of Ginger Altoids. Oh, and new 300-thread-count sheets for my bed!

writing furiously bard…stupid men…cantiga. Got it! Thanks for the advice!

I can’t wait. We’re going to spend as long as we can there, until we’re EXHAUSTED.

[li] It’s Friday.[/li][li] I went to an orientation for my grad program last night, and beforehand I bought my books and got my student ID. Now I’m all psyched for school, which starts next week.[/li][li]I bought a ticket for a staged reading of a play that sounds really interesting. I haven’t been to a play in forever, and F. Murray Abraham is reading one of the roles, so I’m looking forward to it. (The link describes a 2002 production, not the one I’m going to.)[/li][li]It’s Friday.[/li][li]I’m going to a 3-year-old’s birthday party on Sunday. He calls me “Aunt Misnomer,” I love him to death, and his parents are close friends of mine (we even all went on a cruise together last year). I love spending time with them, their other friends are cool, and get-togethers at their place are always fun.[/li][li]I found out yesterday that a good friend (former college roommate) does not have a brain aneurysm: the doctors were wrong. She’ll be calling me with the full story this weekend, but I’m SO relieved.[/li][li]Have I mentioned that it’s Friday? ;)[/li][/ul]