Good thought for Ivylad today, please

He’s having a rhizotomy today in his lower back.

I just hope they don’t hit any of the “other” nerves.

Good doper vibes headed down from South Jawja to Ivylad

I hope everything goes well!

Wow, that sounds really tricky! Tupug vibes winging across town to Ivylad.

Good luck!

He’s home. Very very sore. He’s reading in bed right now.

He had to wait after the procedure, because when I scheduled the driver to pick him up I didn’t know how long it would be, so I told them he would call when he was done. He called the doctor’s office, and they told him it would take an hour, so he told them that.

They still didn’t show up until nearly two hours later, and that’s after the nurse called, reading them the riot act. (They all love him at the doctor’s office.)

No word yet on if any “other” nerves have been cut. We can’t really find out right now anyway.