Good thoughts for Sublight on Tuesday

(I don’t know if Sublight sorted out his access problem, so he might not actually be able to read this yet, but it’s probably worth posting anyway.)

Sometime after midnight Monday (North American Eastern timezone), Sublight will be going under the knife for the operation on his malignant tumour. Naturally, I’m anxious that all Dopers get well quickly when they’re under the weather or suffering in any way. However, looking at the calendar, I realize that there’s a serious chance that Sublight won’t be back on his feet in time for our scheduled deb^H^H^Hsocial evening. And, we can’t have that. So…

Get well soon, ya bastard.

Sending good wishes for a successful surgery and a speedy recovery Sublight’s way!

Ooh, I missed this the first time around.

Best wishes, Sublight, and here’s to a fast and cancer-free recovery!!

My best wishes to you, Sublight. May you be back on your feet soon.

Good luck and I hope your nurses are purty!

I’m offering prayers for you sublight! May your recovery be swift. Bewell.

Cheers to you Sublight. Good thoughts coming your way tommorow.

Hey Sublight! You’re one of my favourite posters, get well soon!

You’re going under the knife on Saint John The Baptist’s feast day, what could possibly go wrong? :smiley:

Think cancer-free, baby, you’ll be kicking field goals by the fall!

Sending warm thoughts your way.

Get well soon Sublight!

I hope all went well with your surgery. Get well soon Sublight!

Here’s hoping for a speedy recovery, Sublight.

Get back out here and talk to us soon, Sublight!

sending lots of good vibes Get better and back online soon, *Sublight!


Good vibes heading your way, Sublight. Best of luck in recovery!!

Best wishes, pal!

Take care, Sublight…we’ll leave the light on for ya.