Good thoughts needed for my friend.

Last night my good friend Starlite slipped and fell in a resturant. When she fell, she busted up her knee pretty bad. So needless to say she is in a lot of pain and is nearly immoble.

So I am sending out a call to all you dopers for your prayers, candles, good thoughts, nice words, etc. Starlite is one of the greatest people that I know and I want her to get better as quickly as possible.

Thanks to everyone!

Love you all,

Thank you dear **Rob **, and any and all who are gracious enough to send good vibes.
It appears that I have managed to put a hairline fracture in my left patella. I am in a knee brace and on crutches at the moment. The ER doc has me pretty well medicated, and I see another doctor on Monday for followup treatment. I’ve never been much of a pill taker, but at the moment, Vicoden is my friend, and as a result, I’m keeping a pretty low profile.
I share living space with four cats who adore me because I have opposable thumbs and a can opener. They are trying their best to heal me…hehehehe

Sorry to hear about you accident, starlite. Hope you heal quickly. And vicoden would be my friend, too, if they’d let me have some. Seems simply being a parent isn’t just cause. Damn doctors and all their silly rules…

Thank you **Salem **. All those positive vibes are greatly appreciated.
As painful as parenting can be at times, I think the doctors should have a standing RX for Morphine for all parents!

No, no, Starlite, the morphine would be for the heavy sedation to use on the little darlings! :smiley:

I hope you get well soon – crutches are not fun, are they? Especially with kitties trying to help you break your other knee!

Welcome aboard(s), Starlite! Many healing vibes are being sent your way. Rob is a sterling chap and I’m glad he started up this thread for you. Remember, it is vital for you to get some excercise. I recommend applying your functional foot to your kitties’ rears as they try and trip you up.

In reality, it is critical for you to stay the heck off of your bum knee. Small bone structures like the patella are much more sensitive to stress and you really want this to heal properly.

Did I tell you about the moron who took off his knee cap to see if there was any beer in the joint?

Hm… My friend’s having surgery tomorrow, so maybe we can send positive vibes to each other’s friends, Rob - it’ll work out nicely! :slight_smile: Sending my positive vibes right…NOW! :slight_smile:

Feel better, Starlite!!

Yikes! As a Knee Surgery Veteran, my thoughts go out to you! Hope you heal quickly and completely!

I’ll go play a tune for you.

Ouch! That even sounds painful, Starlite. Maybe you can use this as a chance to teach your cats to “fetch the can” No can, no eat, cats aren’t stupid.

How many people besides robgruver do you have to help out? If anybody asks “What can I do?” don’t be afraid to say “I have a load of dishes/vacuuming/load of wash that needs doing.”
You need to keep off your feet as much as you can, unless it is for needed exercise.

Will send positive thoughts and prayers!

Once again, thanks to all of you! **Cosmopolitan **, I will indeed add my thoughts and prayers for your friend as well.

Mama Tiger you may be on to something there! hehehehe

**Baker ** I am fortuante that my son and his lady are here to help me a bit and **Rob ** and his lovely wife have been checking in on me also.

I have determined that Vicoden actually does nothing for the pain, but it does make my cranial cavity feel like it is stuffed to the overflow with soft set jello. I’m not certain that is much help actually.

I see the doctor again in the morning for an update. In the meantime, I am applying soem essential oils to the kneecap area and keeping it elevated. This really sucks. Saturday night I was supposed to be going dancing…grrrrrrrr!

Archergal, didn’t mean to leave you out :slight_smile: Thanks for the tune! :slight_smile: I am in hopes that surgery will not be a consideration right now. I can think of a lot more fun things to do than that. grin

Adding my good wishes for a speedy recovery, and my hopes that you will soon be dancing again!


Starlite, i’m in Houston as well. If you need to borrow a walker or a wheelchair, I have both (wheelchair is a large one, so as to fit my broad butt, but a couple of pliiows can fix that) and I do have fairly long leg extensions for the chair.

Let me know (I think you can e-mail through profile info here) if you need either one.

Dee Dee

Thank you Quasimodem. I have needed a dancing fix for a few weeks now. Looks like it is going to be a bit longer before I can satisfy that jones.

DD, thanks for the offer! Right now, I am confined to crutches and the immobilizer thingie, but if that changes, I will definitely get in touch with you. What a generous and gracious offer. I am truly flatterred.

Zenster, I am trying to be most cautious with my movements for that very reason…a tough thing to do for an old redhead who is used to doing pretty much whatever she wants to do. I am definitely trying to behave…problem is that I never quite got the hang of that behaving stuff. hehehe