Just a small request for a good friend.

A couple of days ago, one of my best friends fell down a flight of stairs, and in an effort to correct himself, landed directly on his right heel shattering it into four pieces.

He’s been in a lot of pain these last few days, and goes into surgery today in about a half an hour. They’re going to take some bone from his hip and reconstruct his heel. If all goes well, the bone will fuse and heal correctly, and that will be that. However, if you didn’t know, I’m military, and so is he, and if it doesn’t heal right, he might have to face a medical board to determine if he is fit for duty.

So, if you would please, take a small moment after you read this and send him a healing thought today. His name is Rob. He’s a great guy, and a really good friend. Thanks so much everyone.

{{{{{Rob}}}}} Sending lots of get-well vibes your way. I hope everything goes right and you’re back on your feet (both literally and figuratively) real soon!

And some for {{{Simetra}}} for good measure. You’re a good man.

Good luck, Rob! Hope you’re better soon :slight_smile:



That’s tough at the best of times, but the added pressure of being in a profession that relies on fitness will be hurting him too. I’m sending trans-continental vibes ASAP.

{{{{{Rob}}}}} Good luck with the foot, man. I feel your pain. Get well soon.


Best of healing thoughts and prayers coming your way!


Lots of prayers and all of my best happy healing thoughts are being sent in your direction.

And, of course, an extra hug for Simetra for being such a caring friend. ((((((((((Stephen))))))))))

Just remember, Rob, “time heals all heels.” Likr you haven’t heard THAT one in the past few days . . .

Heal well, Simetra’s friend Rob! And all my best to you too Sim. :slight_smile:


You know, it’s something that you expect to be hurt in the line of duty, but all too often you get hurt behind the front lines. Simetra tell Rob there’s a fella in Minot who’s hoping he pulls through.

To my brothers in green . . .
::Trip salutes::

Well, in this case, it seems that time wounds all heels.

But seriously, I sent a healing thought to your friend. I’ll queue up about 10 and set them to transmit daily.

I hope you’ll drop back in and update us.

Thank you very much everyone. It warms my heart time and again to see your compassion.

I just spoke to Rob on the phone, and unfortunately due to a complication, his surgery has been moved back to Thursday. Which means he’ll have to suffer with the soft cast, and the pain for another two days. They gave him some percaset(sp?) tho’, and that seems to have helped considerably. Such a great guy he is, that he actually called, after having what seems like a very hectic morning in the OR, to let me know about the surgery so that I wouldn’t drive outta my way to the hospital tonight.

I’ll definitely print this thread out for him, and I’m sure he’ll really appreciate it. Again, thanks so much for your thoughts.

I’ll keep you posted as to how he’s doing. He won’t know about the medical board until they take the cast off and do some tests and whatnot, which will be in about a month. Here’s hoping he doesn’t have to deal with that.

I can’t really thank you all enough for taking the time to offer some kind words and thoughts for my friend. Take care all.

[sub]Jessica, he told me to tell you thanks especially.[/sub]

Simetra: Hope your friend Rob is up and around soon and that all works our for him to continue in his career. You are very lucky to have each other. Good thoughts to you both. Keep us posted.

Hey, Simetra- I neglected to say (although I was thinking it) that Rob is lucky to have you for a friend.

As am I.


Many, many good thoughts headed for Rob. (Isn’t he the reason I go around telling people, “I’m NOT sorry!”?)
Many good thoughts headed for Simetra, too.

Awww, Rob, your poor widdle heel! kiss kiss I hope it feels better soon, you deserve breakfast in bed for a month (bacon & eggs optional.)

Get well soon, and tons of symapthy for you. Thank you for protecting all of us citizens, may your recovery be swift.

Yes it is. There are a whole bunch of great Rob-isms that we’ve adopted. :slight_smile:

Well, I just spoke with my buddy Josh, who just got back from taking him over to the hospital. He should be in surgery now, and he only has to stay overnight. Either his mom or his girlfriend, Emma, is going to call one of us to let us know how he’s doing.

Hopefully, everything goes well. I’ll keep you posted.