Good trivia board game for everyone?

I want to get a new game for my family this Christmas, and I need a trivia game that’s good for 4-5 players, all over 20, with a wide range of intellect. For example, we’ve been playing Bezzerwizzer, which is good because it has a lot of categories and you can steal/swap questions. So someone who doesn’t know anything about History can swap it for a question about TV. The only problem we have with it is that the questions are fairly random in difficultly, so someone might get a ridiculously easy question while the next person gets a ridiculously hard question.

Any suggestions?

I’ve always liked Cranium. It’s got a good mix of easy and tough questions/challenges, and it’s hilarious. Look it up to see if it fits what you are looking for.

Yeah, I’m trying to avoid any sort of “challenge” based games. More of straight trivia with a twist on the rules.

I recently played Trivial Pursuit: Bet you know it which is a twist on the standard game whereby you can bet on whether other players get the question right. So someone who isn’t that strong on the actual trivia can make up for it by guessing well, but skill usually wins out in the end. I would recommend it, it sounds perfect for what your looking for. Of course, almost any version of Trivial Pursuit could work just as well.

Hands down, Wits and Wagers. Wits & Wagers | Board Game | BoardGameGeek You don’t need to know the answer, you need to know who would know the answer.


Does it absolutely have to be a trivia game? There are lots of great party games out there that aren’t trivia but have high family entertainment values.

I’ve always enjoyed playing Huggermugger. It’s all about language so one category is about choosing the correct definition of a given word, another is doing a six letter jumble, another is spelling a difficult word, and one is a grab-bag where you might have to explain an acronym or come up with 15 words that rhyme or some other bit of wordplay all within a time limit.

depending on how young you want to go, you may wish to consider Wits and Wagers family


My family enjoys Smart Ass.