Good TV shows that deserved a better fate

Well, it was just a matter of time. :slight_smile:
I’ll start off with Under One Roof, starring James Earl Jones. Why can’t this country accept a predominately black drama series?

My vote is “Freaks and Geeks”. I absolutely loved this show, have every episode on tape. Felt it was treated unfairly, but at least I can enjoy “Undeclared” now.

Newsradio. The network actually tried to keep it alive because they owned a piece of it, but they moved its timeslot so often that no one ever knew when it was on.

Before anyone else can say it: My So-Called Life.

I LOVED that one with Abe Lincoln and his black secretary, something Pffeiffer.

Weird Science was great.
Parker Lewis Can’t Lose.

Both had grand camera effects, zooms, sight gags and split second timing. Really done right.

The Adventures of Brisco County, Jr.

The John Laroquette Show. It lasted a while due only to the network’s gratitude to JL. He did win four consecutive emmys…


Best dialog I have heard on TV, ever. Great characters, great cast dynamic, neat concept, terrible promotion, awful timeslot, never had a chance.

Anybody got the whole thing on tape?

I sincerely and desperately hope you’re kidding, beyondblender if you’re reffering to The Secret Diary of Desmond Pfeiffer, a sitcom about Abe Lincoln’s happy slave. :rolleyes:

The ones I think were underappreciated? Leslie Neilson in ZAZ’s Police Squad!. Thank goodness it stayed alive with the Naked Gun movies after being canceled six episode in.

Also, William Shatner and Deidrich Bader in Danger Theatre, another ZAZ-styled show. Funny stuff.

Ooh, and Nightmare Cafe, with Robert Englund in it… about a miysterious cafe run by people who are in limbo between the world of the dead and the world of the living. Awesome!!!

The Prisoner

And another vote for Freaks and Geeks.

Evening Shade. They never stooped to making fun of anybody. Even when one of the characters did a not-so-bright thing, I didn’t feel that we were exprected to laugh at them.

I also thought Brimstone could have been as popular as X Files if they’d given it a chance.

Damn, Max beat me to it!

I’ll never understand why this show wasn’t more popular. It was an excellent drama, but Angela’s mom drunk on vacation was one of the funniest things I’ve seen on TV.

Twin Peaks – I’m sort of torn about this one, because I think Lynch was losing interest in some ways, which resulted in the quality of the show taking a bit a of a dive. However, I deserve a better ending than what was shown at the end of the second season.

Alien Nation – Granted, there is a limited audience here, mostly made up of me and about six other people who have this dippy sense of humor that results in us finding it hysterical every time an alien shows up with a different pun for a name, but still, this should have had a longer shelflife.

third vote for freaks and geeks, second vote for briscoe county!!!

also EARTH 2


'Nother vote for “Millenium”. Quite a good series that was cut short.

What about “Nearly Departed”? It aired in the early 90’s and starred Eric Idle as deceased owner of a house when a new family moves in.

My list is a fairly extensive one:

Eerie, Indiana (the original series, not the Fox Saturday Morning version)

Wish You Were Here – produced by Robert Altman, about a guy traveling around Europe with a video camera and sending the tapes home. Each episode had someone recieving the tape and watching. The stories were quite well done, funny and often touching.

Once a Hero – Terrific comedy/adventure/superhero show, dealing with comic book heroes vs. reality. Great memorable moments (Bad guy unable to fill in the blank: “Crime doesn’t ________.” Superman-like hero needing to think of a new last name and choosing Kent.)

Turn-On – only because it couldn’t possibly get worse – could it?

Nightmare Cafe – second that one. The final episode was one of the weirdest things ever broadcast.

The New Twilight Zone – better than the original.

Arresting Behavior – parody of Cops-like reality shows.

Bakersfield PD – Deadpan comedy about police.

Frank’s Place – another quirky comedy

VR5 – You have to hand it to a show that kills off a main character in the third episode. Started slowly, but was really hitting its stride when Fox cancelled.

The Magician – great premise (Bill Bixby as a magician/detective who uses his tricks to find criminals).

Sports Night – Aaron Sorkin’s first series. Just as good in its own way as The West Wing. Alas, when Sorkin started doing TWW, Sports Night fell by the wayside.

And another vote for My So-Called Life. It’s Christmas episode was the best ever.

Christ, I must be Dippy #2 of those six. I still snort just thinkng of Carrie Onbag. It was even funnier when George, ever polite, referred to her as Miss Onbag.

And Kenny Bunkport, what a guy.

Sir Rhosis

Roswell was my very favorite show since Twin Peaks. It got shuffled off to UPN, otherwise known as ‘the fake network’

Falcone was very good, but made the mistake of trying to go up against the Sopranos with the same subject matter.

Big Apple was also very good, but tried to go up against…something crazy I can’t remember. ER maybe.


I wholeheartedly agree with Cupid and Sports Night. Damn, the dialogue… (I also join MrVisible in asking if anyone has Cupid eps on tape.)

Let me add two Andre Braugher offerings, Homicide: Life on the Streets and Gideon’s Crossing. Homicide hung around for a while, but got progressively worse as it was burdened with an awful timeslot, increasingly mawkish and glitzy storylines, and, ultimately, Jon Seda. shudder Still, Homicide in its prime was one of the best hours of performance–television, film, theatre–ever. Gideon’s Crossing only lasted one season. It started out a little slow, but the writing and characterization got stronger and stronger as the year went on, until the show was simply amazing. So, naturally, ABC was compelled to axe it. And too damn many people continue to fail to appreciate the genius of Andre Braugher.

sigh ABC, ABC–I’d take a network comprised solely of new offerings from shows you prematurely cancelled over any other out there.