TV shows you wish had not been cancelled

What are some of your favorite tv shows that got cancelled?

Here are mine:

Due South

Now and Again

7 Days

The Pretender

The Adventures of Brisco County, Jr.

Early Edition


I enjoyed:
Sports Night
The Adventures of Brisco County, Jr.

Freaks+Geeks and [Undeclared** were both a cut above ost other teens-in-school shows. Judd Apatow must have done something bad to a network exec in a previous life.

Second vote for * Firefly. * I had the sneaking suspicion that there was going to be some pretty neat stuff coming in future episodes. But now I’ll never know what was up with that creppy little psychic/crazy girl.

Clerks the animated series.

That show was damned funny. It was way better than that millionaire shit they replaced it with. Whatever happened to that show anyways?:dubious:

dammit. Undeclared. Most.


Another vote for Firefly.
Tales from the Gold Monkey
Call to Glory
Amazing Stories


I feel compelled by the dark lord of tv (Bill Shatner) to post:

Star Trek (TOS)

Just 3 years into a 5 year mission!

You saw this thread, right:?

At least the reruns are available on Cartoon Network. I’d love to see reruns of Now and Again. My stupid local cable doesn’t have Sci-Fi, so if it’s shown there, I can’t see it.

They left us with a major cliffhanger. I wish they’d at least do a made-for-tv movie to finish that storyline.

Firefly and The Lone Gunmen.

They only showed two episodes(of six), collected the rest on a DVD and are reairing them on comedy network. :slight_smile:

Another vote for Firefly. The fans have worked so hard to bring it back, and every scrap of news paints an even grimmer picture, but Firefly: Immediate Assistance is still up and the Firefly Board on TWoP has the highest post count of any show in Permanent Hiatus (i.e., not actively recapped), despite having been established less than 20 days ago. (Other shows have posts dating back 75 days.)

We’re still flying.

I also think Alien Nation had another season in it.

Also Quantum Leap

Well, Millennium, of course, and X Files to a lesser extent as it’d had a fair run, but more importantly


Freaks and Geeks
Family Guy

and oddly enough…

Men Behaving Badly (but only based on the first season – after two of the three original main characters left the show, it didn’t really work any more).

The Job with Denis Leary. Great show.