Good Wake-up music for your alarm

Hi SD,

Looking for suggestions to make me want to go out and conquer the day. I do feel the right music upon waking will give me a positive boost. Right now I have “No Tengo Dinero” by Juan Gabriel, but it seems to have lost its luster. I am considering “Jupiter” from The Planets. Any other ideas for waking up great? General tips welcome. I need to maximize my mornings!


Master of Puppets by Metallica when you really don’t want to oversleep.

My alarm is set to play this song.

My wake up alarm is Hells Bells. Goal is to be out of bed before they start singing. Not sure if it has that “positive boost” you’re looking for, though.

I use several ring tones, depending on the application.

My 15-year old LG phone is really only an alarm clock now. I chose the most utterly annoying ring tone I could find on there, Johann Pachelbel’s “Canon in D”; it simply must be extinguished before it gets to the first dominant-tonic cadence.

For ad hoc alarms (like getting clothes out of the dryer sans wrinkles) I use “Rockin Pneumonia and Boogie Woogie Flu” by Johnny Rivers (1973?).

Cell phone calls use “The Parachutes” from the Air Force One soundtrack, by Jerry Goldsmith.

Except my Mother’s ring tone is “They’re Coming to Take Me Away”, by Napoleon XIV. I find it notably appropriate.

I use the intro to YOB’s The Great Cessation; I made a ringtone that repeats the first 31 seconds or so 2 or 3 times thru (and can actually loop endlessly, if need be).

Lisa Gerrard

If I had to describe it I would say it’s Lord of the Rings music. Very mellow and lovely, her best of album has some really choice songs. She has an awesome voice.

I Got You, Babe

Back in Black by AC/DC

When I need to get pumped up (generally before the students arrive on the first day of school) I play Santana’s Toussaint L’Overture. Loud.

  • Sun Arise* by Rolf Harris. In mid winter it goes off about an hour before sunrise.

Or the Alice Cooper version if you object to Rolf Harris being on your alarm.

Danzón No. 2” by Arturo Márquez may be just what you’re looking for. Sort of an orchestral piece of Mexican/Cuban ballroom music. Starts out easy and lovely, gradually building to more intensity and faster temp.
I’m trying to be more open minded to modern compositions and this one is easy to like.

Now, if you want to blast your ass out of bed, that would be “Hush” by Deep Purple.

Kanye’s “Stronger” has a good get the fuck out of bed vibe.

Sick of You
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or Techno’s Song
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(The second is just the song but the language can be questionable for work.)

Or, from the same Alice Cooper album, this lively little snippet from Black Juju.

I used Stravinsky’s “Infernal Dance” from The Firebird for a time. Starts with a loud chord.

Immigrant Song by Led Zeppelin. Nothing like Robert Plant screaming into your ears to wake you up.

I used to have a playlist of my favorite songs as my wake up music. Then I realized they were no longer my favorite songs because I associated them with the unpleasantness of getting up in the morning.

Now I just use an alarm. If I were to go back to music, I’d choose songs I DON’T like.

Pink Floyd - “Time”

“Ship to Wreck” by Florence + the Machine.

For those days when you know that today’s gonna have the exact same shit as yesterday. :slight_smile: