Goodbye Ann Curry

Ann Curry officially signed off The Today Show at the end of the show today.

I was never a big fan of hers - she just seemed to be a bit pompous and full of herself (just my humble opinion) - plus she always looked like her stylist bought her clothing at Clowns R Us. So I am not exactly saddened by this news, nor surprised as it had been reported for the past few days.

Now if they could only get rid of the far, far more obnoxious Kathy Lee, NBC would show they have a clue about talent.

I remember when she was an anchor on ABC World News Tonight!

Curry came a long way on minimal talent, IMO, and good for her (not so much for us). That said, her emotive style of interviewing was/is grating, and I am not a fan. I never watch morning shows, so don’t really care one way or the other. As long as she’s out of the running for Brian Williams’ job in the future, that’s fine.

Yup. I only watch the Today show for about 25 minutes a few times a week, and only while I’m on the treadmill at the gym (so I don’t hear it but it’s close-captioned). Nearly every day I wonder to myself “who the hell dresses her? Don’t they have stylists?”

For that woman they sacrificed Campbell Brown. Fools.

I’m not actually sure if there was any relationship between CB jumping ship to CNN and AC getting the anchor chair. I stand by my statement nonetheless.

Funny, the thing I like most about her is her wardrobe, which aint saying much. I cannot stand that overdone,soft spoken, pseudo-nurturing thing she does with her voice, and it had gotten worse since the rumors of her departure started. Today she absolutely had the puss on and now I know why. I feel bad for her, in the way I feel bad for anyone who loses their job, but I won’t miss her.

Don’t feel bad for her. She’s getting a golden parachute that guarantees she’ll never have to work another day in her life, if she so chooses.

I like her, and am sorry she is leaving. From the linked story, it sounds like it wasn’t her choice. Anyone know if that is true?

Well, I like her a whole lot and am disgusted she’s been forced out. You can thank Matt Lauer and his big fat swollen head, he thinks he runs the place now and decided he and Ann don’t have ‘chemistry’. Well, maybe, the ratings have gone down, but who knows it’s because of Ann Curry?? I think he wants one of the women he’s supposedly had affairs with in her place (I don’t know their names, Natalie is one?).

I’ve always thought she was fine as a “real news” anchor, but always thought her personal interviewing style was forced, awkward, and a little like she was trying too hard with “gotcha” type questions that often just made things even more gawky.

Yeah, she was a good fit as the news anchor when Katie was still there. I haven’t really watched it much since Couric left, but she doesn’t seem really suited for soft-news features, or long interviews.

And while I didn’t like every outfit she wore, I saw some bold, fun stuff in the mix, and TV show host clothing is ALWAYS over-the-top. It sure looked like she and Matt got along…guess they are all great actors. She did seem uncomfortable at times, but at least she wasn’t a giggly bubble-head.

I often skim through a bit of the Today show to see what’s on, catch the news briefs. Back from the Couric days I always liked Ann even though she often stumbled on her words while speaking. I really didn’t like her interview style but she always seemed like a cheerful genuinely nice person, and it wouldn’t be exaggerating to say she brightened my day a little.

All in all it seems like the ratings dropped and Ann was blamed, although I can’t see how it was her fault.

I guess I will continue to watch Today from time to time out of curiosity, the ABC and CBS morning shows don’t appeal to me at all.

NBC started losing the morning ratings for the first time in forever after Meredith left and Ann took over. I can’t see how that doesn’t point to her as the problem. As others have noted, she seems intelligent but doesn’t connect with the home viewers. And if you want to see the most barf-worthy interview ever, look for her Dalai Lama interview on YouTube. Supremely embarrassing.

Savannah Guthrie named as new co-anchor.