Why Is Ann Curry On The Today Program?

She doesn’t cut it with me.

As the news anchor for the Today program, she sounds like she doesn’t prepare herself beforehand. She frequently misspeaks. During interactions with correspondents in the field, she lacks composure and the ability to maintain the conversation.

When she does in-studio interviews she reminds me of Journalism 101 with many faux pas that beginners make. She never seems to learn from her constant mistakes, but repeats them over and over. Watching and listening to her interviews and I feel sorry for the person being interviewed. It must be a grind for them.

Why does she look so harried as though she arrived in the studio and on the set just moments before air time? The “wild hair” fashion may look good on some, but her perceived unkempt appearance is a professional distraction. Or could this be deliberate so as not to upstage perky Katie? If anyone remembers the Deborah Norville/Jane Pauley alleged wars, there really are no worries between Curry and Couric from my viewpoint.

Finally does Ann have a back problem? Her posture is very poor. It’s not visible so much at the news desk but the side shots when she does in-studio interviews cannot hide it.

Don’t get me wrong. I like the lady. I find her personable and friendly. However, her on camera professional work on the Today program doesn’t match her alleged bio NBC describes her at http://www.msnbc.com/onair/bios/a_curry.asp.

She’s kinda cute.

I think it’s so that those of us who can’t endure Katie’s cackling, inappropriate laughter will continue to watch the show. When she’s not cackling, she seems to take herself too seriously. I’ve had a crush on Ann for years. She’s not only pretty, but seems more sincere and compassionate to me. Can’t really support any of this, it’s just my impression.

I’ve watched the Today show maybe six times in the last ten years, but I love Ann. She’s pretty and pleasant without being obnoxiously grating or overearnest like Katie Couric pretty much always is.


Ann Curry is one of the better assets of the show. I’ve never noticed any particular problems with stumbling over the news script.

Her only fault is that she does tend to over-dramatize. But she doesn’t gush like Katie Couric does.

I don’t think she would ever replace Couric, but she will likely have a secure position with NBC for quite a while.

I watch at least part of the Today show practically every morning. I think Ann is there for several good reasons: They need someone to read the news; given the current makeup of the show (Katie, Matt, and Al) the newsperson needs to be female. She can’t be too “Katie-like” because that would be both threatening to Ms. Couric, and the viewers would get bored. The fact that she is part Asian (her mother was born in Japan) doesn’t hurt the show’s diversity. She comes across to me as a little bit more cool and reserved than Katie (or either of the guys) and as Duckster says she does have occasional awkward moments, especially during interviews.

Honestly, I think she is there because Katie must like working with her, because they come across so differently on screen. No chance, really, of Ann taking Katie’s job.

Re: her posture…I’m not sure how tall she is, but she seems tall for a woman…another contrast with Katie. Like some tall people, she might unconsciously tend to stoop or slouch to appear less tall. Her father (who was an American serviceman in Japan after WWII) is rather tall, as I remember when they did segments on their families a few years back.

FTR, I think she is quite attractive. Very nice cheekbones.

My guess is that they needed a female on the show whose colon has not been seen by millions of people.

She’s a cutie alright. She’s one of the reasons I watch that show in the first place. That and I tire quickly of touchy feely Diane Sawyer.

When Ann Curry does standups next to Katie Couric, they appear to be about the same height.

They did a piece once where she talked to both of her parents. Her father is very tall and her mother (who has since passed away) was very small.

I would tab her to be 5’5".