Goodbye, Luella

I loved her so much.

She used to take me and my siblings to Shakey’s Pizza in Salina. It was always my favorite part of our yearly trips to Kansas. We’d eat pizza and drink root beer and watch cartoons on a big screen TV. (This was a loooong time ago – I think the TV was actually a projector.) I remember when she invited her sisters Dorothy and Thelma to come along with us. At first I was a bit possesive, because Luella Time was Luella Time, but it wasn’t hard for me to get over. I loved Dorothy and Thelma every bit as much. When the three of them got laughing, there was no stopping the hilarity. It would go on for HOURS.

Somewhere there exists a picture of the three of them when they were little girls. They were so adorable. I want that picture. I want to frame it.

Luella was all about Coke. She worked at a bottling plant for 40 years. She had a collection of Coke paraphenalia and collectibles like you wouldn’t believe. It was probably priceless. It’s because of her that to this day I refuse to drink Pepsi. My loyalty runs deep.

I know it was hard for her to see all of her siblings die off, one by one, especially since she was the oldest among them. Cancer claimed most of them.

I don’t remember her father. I was maybe two when he died. Her mother was a really amazing woman. We called her Just Grandma. I miss her so much.

I can only remember meeting Luella’s husband Roy once. He was a little slow. He told me that he wanted to punch me and my sister in the mouths. We giggled over that really hard. Such a funny guy. Luella loved him so deeply. He died really young, and she never remarried.

So goodbye Luella. You were amazing in all of your 97 years.

She must have been something, to have a person like you remember her so fondly and share such good memories of her with us. I’m sure she knew she was special to you.

She was really something, alright! I have nothing but fond memories of her. She was never mean, or negative, or down. She was always a good time.

I remember her car. It was an old 50’s era station wagon with pink stripes. My dad said it took some serious muscle to steer the thing. (I was too young to drive it at the time.)

It’s frustrating that I can’t find an online obituary, but I did find this:

You do her great honor here TDN. For most average folks, being remembered with such loving thoughts is the pinnacle of their time spent on this earth. Thanks for sharing them.

Goodbye Luella. Thanks for being such a great gal.

Thank you so much. I don’t want to mourn her death, I want to celebrate her life. She was so awesome.

I am sorry for your loss. Sending supporting thoughts your way.

TDN - Condolences, hugs, and thank you for celebrating Luella’s life with us. The love and admiration of others is worth more to me than all the material things of this world, and I think you and Luella were very rich indeed to have each other. Warmest wishes.

She sounds like an amazing woman. I think the best legacy anyone of us can leave is loved ones who will miss us, and smile when they think of us.

Sounds like a heck-of-a woman. She’ll be missed.