Goodbye Talk Soup

Over the years, I may have watched a few seconds or so of Talk Soup, but quickly changed the channel because I found it boring.
But now, for about the past two months or so, I’ve been watching it regulary because of Aisha Tyler who I find extreamly funny. Now, in tonight’s show, I find out it’s the last. And here I was, looking forward to many more episodes :frowning: .
And since the show makes fun of currently aired talk shows, I doubt that they’ll show re-runs.
Maybe I’ll have to start watching “The Fith Wheel”, once I find out what channel it’s on and what time it’s on.

I started watching when John Henson (?) was hosting and fell in love. The show really staggered after he went away first with an entire summer of guest hosts, then Hal Sparks. Hal is a funny guy, just not the right kind of funny for the show. Aisha Tyler was a breath of fresh air and really brought the show back.

[sub]Besides if she wasn’t funny you could always stare at her boobs.[/sub]

In any event, maybe it was the show’s time. It was damn funny though.

I hope they show the episode where John Henson shows viewers just how much he loves fried chicken.

Hee hee hee Blue Sky!

My favorite episode with John is one in which an audience member from some such talk show describes, in graphic, graphic detail, how his penis (and scrotum) were mutilated. Not just pierced, mind you–he described how his penis had been split down the middle…that was brutal.

Cut back to John.

All you see are the soles of his shoes and the underside of his chair as he has presumably passed out.

No words, no music, nothing–just the backs of his shoes for about a minute, the normal length of time it would take for him to comment and then lead in to what was coming next. Cut to (silent) promo, lead to commercial. Damn that was funny stuff.

Poor guy left the show, and in so doing killed the show–and from the looks of things, his career.

I really liked that show, and I thought Aisha was great. I’ll miss it.

While we’re talking about favorite past Talk Soup moments, I thought the skit with the pupets simulation…uhm, how do I say this and make it clean… breast humping…was a classic.
This was an episode that was hosted by Aisha (Sorry Henson fans, but Aisha was my favorite).

Aisha Tyler is the female John Henson, only much easier to look at. Their sense of humor are similar, and they have a similar sense of timing. Hal Sparks was a mistake, IMO.

::sigh:: Oh well… Once they moved it to 1am, I knew it was dead.

Can’t say I ever watched the shows with Aisha. Well, maybe one. There were just soooooooooo many guest hosts, and then Hal, and then guest hosts…I lost interest and gave up before she came along. (Although I do think I saw an episode or two with her, but just thought she was another guest host).

Yeah, I thought maybe with Aisha as host, they would move it to a better time slot.
I guess what I liked most about Aisha, was her energy. She was so much more lively and animated than any of the other hosts or guest hosts I’ve seen (mind you, I haven’t seen to many, but from what I have seen, she was much more enerjectic) and the made the good jokes seem great, and even the bad jokes seemed funny when she told them.

OOps, forgot to run the last message through the spell checker.

Well, yes, if you’re a guy. I did think John was quite cute. Not gorgeous, but I’ve always thought “gorgeous” guys (Tom Cruise, Brad Pitt, etc.) are too feminine looking for my tastes.

John was a cutie. :slight_smile: Aisha’s a babe, but being a heterosexual female, doesn’t have the same effect.

Bring back skunk boy! (What’s become of him, anyway? His ABC series flopped, so…where is he now?)

Skunk Boy. That name sounds familiar.

I just have to say that I can’t believe that there is a Talk Soup thread with no mention of the original, one and only Soup Boy, Greg Kinnear. I was a soup fanatic back in the Kinnear days, and have followed his career ever since. I loved him in Sabrina and As Good As It Gets, although I’m not sure that hosting a game show is a great career move. Skunk Boy (John Henson) was pretty good, but he was no Greg, and after that I guess I just lost interest. :frowning: (Ruffian - I found a site that said Henson was working on a script for Adam Sandler – I’m not sure how long ago that was.)

My all time favorite soup gag was [reverb]I, Randolph Mantooth, have spoken[/reverb]. I also loved it when Dustin Hoffman showed up (after weeks of begging) to do a surrealistic doctor sketch.

I didn’t start really watching it until Aisha started hosting it and then E! buried the show by putting in on in the middle of the night. I loved her humor and snide little comments.

As an extremely straight male, I’ll look at Aisha all day, thank you very much! Skunk Boy is a hoot, and he was a very worthy replacement for Greg Kinnear, but given a choice… I’ll vote with my glands. :smiley: :stuck_out_tongue:

UGH UGH UGH…I’m in the minority here, apparently, but I HATE JOHN HENSON!!!

I don’t know why, I just always found him incredibly annoying.

Me too. Joel and I didn’t have E! when Greg Kinnear was the host, and we wouldn’t watch Talk Soup when John was the host. But Aisha was a hoot.

(The time slot didn’t affect us too much because, thanks to Dish Network and the Pacific time zone, it was on at the semi-reasonable hour of 10:00 PM.)

Yeah, and here I was hopeing that since Aisha was so good, that they’d move Talk Soup to a better time slot. With her I thought that things would be looking up for the show. Oh well.

Stopped watching it when they put that skunk head idiot on. Huge step down from the K-man. Look in the dictionary under “unfunny” and there’s a picture of Henson.