Goodnight Sweetums; I hope you make it to Hollywood

John Henson, son of Jim Henson and one of the people who brought beloved Sweetums to life, passed away—a sudden heart attack at 48. I loved Sweetums :sad:

What the…is there a CURSE on the entertainment industry these past few weeks?!

And for John to go as suddenly as his dad did… :frowning:

“Jack not name, Jack job.”

The Henson’s sure don’t live very long. Like father like son

I didn’t know Jim had a kid. I hope his grandkid has better luck in the gene pool.

Sweetums was a cool character.

He has 5 kids.

Maybe a slight edit to the topic title to insert his name might be in order? I’m ashamed to say I thought this thread would be about Parks & Rec.

No complaint here. I thought the character name would be more familiar than ‘John Henson’. I also had no idea a tv show named someone after him so didn’t expect confusion.

As mentioned, he had 5. John was the 4th. All three of his elder siblings (Lisa, Cheryl, and Brian) are still alive, as is the youngest, Heather.

Lisa is about the same age their father was when he died, and is president of the Jim Henson Company. Brian is a puppeteer, who doesn’t seem to be involved with the Muppets any longer, but was as recently as 2005.

That’s Sweetums, but it’s not John Henson.
That’s Richard Hunt, who died in 1992 at the age of 40. Seems that performing Sweetums is not good for longevity.

John Henson took over playing Sweetums in the 90s.

I had, for a long time, thought that John Henson- Jim Henson’s son who this Thread is about- was the same person as John Henson the comedian and second host of the E! Network show Talk Soup (now just titled The Soup). I knew that Jim Henson had a son named John and these two "John Henson"s are very close in age. Watching 90s/00s Sweetums performances, I thought it was Talk Soup John Henson in the costume. I only found out I was wrong about that just a few years ago.

Lisa is the current CEO of The Jim Henson Company, Brian is Chairman of The Jim Henson Company.
“About Us” section of The Jim Henson Company website

Oops. Right you are. Misremembered on my part. (It should be noted the Jim Henson Company is not associated with the Muppets, any longer, since Disney bought the Muppets (with a handful of exceptions).)

Richard Hunt performed Sweetums on The Muppet Show and in their first few movies until he died. But Jerry Nelson actually ‘performed’ in the Sweetums suit for his debut in The Frog Prince in 1971 (although he did not do the voice). But for most of us Muppet-raised Gen-Xers, Hunt was Sweetums. :frowning:

Yeah, but running coach’s link that I was responding to was from The Muppet Movie so, yeah, Richard Hunt.

This is probably John Henson as Sweetums (YouTube link).

I’ve been listening to the audiobook version of Jim Henson: The Biography by Brian Jay Jones and had just started the last chapter (detailing Jim’s untimely death) when I heard about John’s passing.

According to the biography, John was actually working on training some Disney performers on the live action Sweetums role for the then-upcoming Muppets attraction at Walt Disney World and was staying with his father in New York when Jim fell ill. So sad to see two members of this talented family leave us so soon.

This thread title breaks my heart. Well named.