Goofy looking armor in MMORPGs

In World of Warcraft, one popular topic of derision is one of the Paladin’s armor sets. Frankly it looks like something designed by Ronald McDonald :stuck_out_tongue: . Originally the Paladin’s “Lightforge helmet” was a neat winged helmet, then the developers decided to change it. There is another armor set the Paladin can get that has shoulderpads that look like bananas. Here is a picture of a Paladin with the Lightforge set (and banana shoulders :wink: )

There are a couple of other wacky armor pieces in the game as well. There is a shaman shoulders which look like a bunch of tuning forks or branches or something sticking out of their back. Another set’s helmet looks like Batman’s cowl. It is absolutely hysterical to see an orc running around with these prong thingy’s sprouting out of his back and a batman mask :slight_smile:

Not just the armor, either. Some of the high-end weapons look incredibly stupid, as well. Especially the “Gillette double-edged razor blades on a stick”.

or my favorite that a buddy of mine carried for weeks

[The Shoveler]

Maybe the silly-looking armor/weaponry is WoW’s not-so-subtle commentary about the kind of people who can afford that kind of stuff? :smiley:

My favorite goofy think in WoW is the admirals hat. My tailor can make one and when I’m feeling especially whimsical I put it on and strut about. Nothing funnier than seeing a male gnome do the dirty gnome dance in a wedding dress and an admirals hat IMHO. :stuck_out_tongue:


Any druid gear in WoW. Case in point, the full wildheart set, especially those shoulders (bottom pic is full set). Although I hear the Cenarion Raiment looks pretty goofy as well, especially the new art on the headpiece.

I’m also a big fan of the crimson felt hat, AKA the pimp hat. Looks best on gnomes–so I’m glad I’m a gnome mage, so I can wear it. And of course, all those engineering headpieces are kinda goofy as well.

And since we’re on the subject, I don’t know the name of it, but I think it’s a mid-level mail helm–at any rate, a warrior friend was wearing it around level 30. It’s red and has something ressembling dog ears on the sides.