Create your own WoW items.

I think Blizzard should institute an item making contest with monthly winners. The prize could be one month free or something and the pleasure of seeing your item implimented. With the mythical Third Leg weapon in mind, I’ve come up with a few.

Elastic Pants of Thanksgiving.
-6 agility

  • 8 spirit

Viagrian Boner
One handed mallet
30-100 damage
Max damage for first 10 seconds with sudden drop to min damage after.

Fields of Sally’s Tears
Makes mob like you. Really, really like you.
Lowers aggro to 0 until you strike.

I had a lot more but these are all I can think of right now.

I cannot believe I’m the only one who does this. Good Lord, the only thing keeping me from the Geek Crown is that I never bit the head off a chicken.

Shield of Pre-School: makes any attack bounce off and return to the attacker.

Sword of Distraction: Will do a random type of damage, and never the same kind to the same enemy twice.

Tiny Hammer of Destruction: A very small mace that does incredible damage. It is pink and sparkly, with little butterflies always floating around it.

Smoking Jacket: A snazzy dinner jacket that constantly emits smoke (duh) thus increasing your chances to dodge, as well as increasing your charisma and drastically reducing fire damage.

Munchkin sword:

main hand / sword
1000-2000 damage / speed 0.01
+100% chance for critical hit
+800 Strength
+800 Stamina
+800 Spirit
(no Charisma or Intellect bonuses, though)

Holy cats. :eek:

As I’m writing this, one of the Google-generated ads at the bottom of the page is for Gold Futures Contracts.

Not the kind of Gold Futures Contracts they trade in the Chicago Mercantile commodities exchange. Futures contracts for in-game World of Warcraft gold! “Lock in your price now! The longer the contract, the cheaper the price!”

Well, that settles it. The Matrix should be arriving by the end of the decade.

Sir Ghey’s Silver Bottom Stopper
Held in off-hand
70% chance of critical strike to any player who types “that’s so gay!” in chat, unless said player is commenting on people of the same sex having sex together.

Ingrate’s Desserts
Healers only: Sucks the life out of anyone who repeatedly screams HEAL ME! to a healer in an improptu party.

Mythical Third Leg? You mean Wirt’s Third Leg? It’s not mythical - it’s a nice 40-ish blue mace. My SO’s rogue is using it now, with the demonslaying enchant.

Wirt’s Leg is actually a shout-out to the original Diablo, an older Blizzard product. Wirt was the kid who always had some shadily-gotten items to sell you. He only had one leg because Diablo’s minions ate his other one. He wore a peg-leg, thus the club of that name.

Okay, my turn:

Paladin’s Refuge


Use: Casts Divine Protection and Hearths, both as instants.

Shaman’s Taunt


Use: Speaks, in Common, the following phrase: “How many rogues does it take to kill a Paladin? Two: One to start the fight and one to wait stealthed in the inn at Ironforge.” Target Paladin must resist nature magic or start crying.

This item comes with a warning:

Warning: Always consult your doctor before using the Viagrian Boner. Side effects may include dizziness, nausea, and lack of appetite. Should max damage persist for more than four hours then seek medical attention.

Mage Fix
Class: Mage
Use: Give the mage invisibility. Mage cannot attack, be attacked, interact with objects or speak while invisible. Effect is permanent. If not used within 7 days, this item will consume itself, giving the mage the above effet. Cannot be sold, put in bank, or destroyed.

Will appear in the inventory of all mages when our patch finally comes around.

Vending Machine
Use: Summons a gnome to follow the player around, giving out free food and water to all group members.

Nothing to add really, I just wanted to take the oportunity to try again to kickstart this thread