Google Ads busted?

Every thread I’ve been in today (including this one!) has the Google ad touting a website “” or some such nonesense.

Have the ads broken?

I get these:

Although I’ve gotten the, too. I think they’re a new site. It’s a messageboard with less than 300 total posts. I imagine they’ll go away soon enough.

I detest and revile these anti-Democrat ads (note I’m not even an American). And anyway, what’s the point of doing this just after they’ve won all those elections?

I couldn’t believe hateful crap like that got tagged onto my heartfelt piece I just wrote about my father’s slide into decrepitude. I don’t suppose there’s any meaningful way of protesting this, but I hate it and I hope it stops soon.

I think most readers pay no attention to the ads at the bottom, so they don’t detract from your heart-felt piece. I figured out long ago that those ads were pretty much useless, not to say idiotic, but if they bring in cash to help the READER keep the message board running and to keep subscription price down, then welcome.

Currently here it says “Gulf Hurricane Relief.” You really never can tell unless the thread is really to a specific topic and even then sometimes it can be surprising.

If you have seen something that offends you I’m truly sorry, but we have little to no control over what displays. Ads are a necessary evil to keep this site happening. Like posts you don’t care for you can always click away to something else you like better.

Sometimes I get the feeling that Google’s motto of “Don’t be evil” is weakening just a tad.

Every ad in Cafe Society is the democrat one right now. I could understand it in Great Debates, but they’re just going to annoy people in CS.

I’ve been surfing quite a bit lately and I’ve seen this “Democrat’s Suck” add tooooo many times. Even in threads with a clear and/or mundane general topic.
It sort of seems like an attack. Even though I’m conservative I think it stinks up the place.

It’s kind of ironic that the “Democrats suck” ads attach themselves to threads with nothing to do with Democrats, but when we post the phrase throughout a whole thread, we don’t get that one. :confused:

Hey, if these chumps are helping to pay for the Dope I’m all for it. Yesterday I only saw this ad, but the normal ones are back today. I was actually worried that ad sales had dropped.

Note: I wasn’t offended, but I was concerned that others might be. Anything to keep the Dope from getting bad flack.

Not in my own thread I can’t. I know nothing will be done (I know something could be done if anyone truly cared) but I still hate it.


I don’t really think this is a great analogy. After all, it is easy to avoid one or two posts or threads that you don’t like. Just don’t click on them. This ad is popping up in almost every thread I’ve been seeing in the past few days, so it’s pretty hard to avoid if I want to read the board at all.

If someone spammed the board with the same exact post in a bunch of unrelated threads, that post would be removed.

I’m not particularly offended by it, but I do wonder why it’s popped up so much. Most of the other ads I’ve seen have been either random, or related to the content of the thread they show up in.

I’m kinda glad a group of idiots are wasting their money by advertising with us.

If you don’t like the ads, give them a click or two. Right-wing blowhards gets less money and we get more money. What’s not to like? (By the way, does anyone know how much cash we get per each click on a google ad?)