why does every thread have "democrats suck" as the google ad

even if the thread is about brain swapping or parking brakes the ad is still the demos suck one?

I thought they were supposed to taylor to the theme of the thread

Off to ATMB.

samclem General Questions Moderator

The ones I’m seeing here are for Michael Savage t-shirts, brake pads and rotors, brake repair articles and braking systems. All of which seem to be more or less keyed to words you used in your OP.

lol ok why am I seeing demorcrats suck in every OTHER thread…strange but funny, its like they are on to us!!!

Now I’m seeing Choose Jesus. :dubious:

You actually get a different ad depending on your political persuasion. How they do this, I don’t know.

OK, I lied.

Aha! So you do know! :wink:

Google has a number of default ads. If the keywords in the thread can’t be classified for specific ads, or if the thread is new, the defaults will show. That’s one of them.

All those threads contain secret messages about democrats and/or sucking.


Cover Hillary’s face!

With what, exactly? :o

I’m getting “HEL brake lines” and “zero gravity brakes”. Sounds like they switched from politics to fantasy and science fiction. :smiley:

I use Firefox, so So I don’t ever see these ads at all.

Which is fine, as I have better things to spend time on.

Gaudere’s Law, corollary: any thread about the Google ads will contain at least one person who says “I use Firefox so I never see them.” :wink:

But seriously, now that the ads mostly seem to be for “Democrats suck” and “Cover Hillary’s Face!” and “Scientific proof that atheism requires a belief in miracles” and “Impeach Bush now!” and other controversial stuff, it’s very handy. Your post inspired me to start using Firefox again after a long hiatus with Opera; I’m looking forward to ad-free threads now.

My theory (totally unsubstantiated) is that it has something to do with one’s username. So maybe since your username is Critical1, then the ads are about democrats because it picks up something about being critical as a keyword. It seems whenever I post, the ads change to criminal background checks. I don’t know what Heffalump or Roo did to warrant that, but those ads sure did follow me around for a while every time I posted.

Improved AI?

Well, I’ve got brake ads FYI, AND I’m on Firefox!!

Nothing about how how democrats suck alas. :stuck_out_tongue:

Firefox extensions, in cases like these ads, rule. Never see 'em, never worry about 'em.

I think that the discussion has veered away from the real question which (it seems to me) should be “why is one of the default ads so rabidly political?”

My memory is a bit hazy, but when the Google ad phase of our little board started the default ad (when the thread doesn’t contain anything relevant to the ad pool or is just too new to be spidered) was “Donate to Katrina Relief.” My feeling is that this is innocuous enough that it works as a default ad. Giving money to charities is something that more or less everyone can get behind, even if you don’t actually do it. The Democrats suck ad is somewhat different, in that it is (rabidly) partisan in nature. I realize that tPTB neither can nor should send objection slips about political ads, but it does seem a little crass to have attack ads across the bottom of threads in MAN LANDS ON MOON sized text.


You can’t make this stuff up.