Google and walmart sure did make it hard to claim the $25 gift card on google home products

Maybe I’m an idiot, I’m open to the idea that I’m an idiot.

On black friday, walmart had a deal where if you bought a google home product, you got a $25 gift card to walmart through google home express. Seeing how the google home mini was $29, that makes it about $6 when taxes are added in. Decent deal so I bought one.

Going online, all I can find is pablum about how easy it is. Just ‘link your google home express and walmart accounts, then claim your coupon’. Bull fucking shit.

For one thing, there is no option (that I see) to link accounts in android. I had to talk to tech support who told me to link my accounts online via the settings option on my desktop. You set it up on your phone, then you can’t use your phone to claim the reward as far as I can tell.

So I did that and linked accounts. Still no $25 gift card. Even google tech support gave up since their own advice didn’t work.

I know companies try to make it hard to claim rebates and rewards. And as I said, maybe I’m an idiot. But fuck. They could at least provide some information online other than ‘link your accounts and claim your rebate’. No mention of ‘yeah, you can’t link accounts on your phone, you have to navigate the settings function on your desktop’ or anything like that. Or what to do if no gift card shows up.

Google says go to a webpage and click ‘redeem’, all that does it give you the option to buy another google home mini.

Also these google home things aren’t that great. They don’t listen when you tell them to shut up. Alexa actually listens when you say ‘stop’.