Google Chrome Lettering is Dark Grey

Lettering on web sites accessed via Google Chrome is dark grey rather than black. The lettering on regular Google accessed via IE is black. The black is much easier to read. Maybe I skimmed right over it, but I can’t find any Chrome setting menu with a fix. Does anyone know how to fix it?

I’m using Chrome and my lettering is black. Try zooming your text size up a little and see if it still looks grey.

Thanks for the suggestion, but I already set text size at 110%.

My version of Chrome allows no user-custom settings as in pick your own- the next size up is 125% and that makes everything appear to be in bold.

Can you post a screenshot?

Do you have a personal override style set? This is one of those ideas that sounds really good, but you end up somehow never, ever using.

Will try, but last time I tried somewhere I got nowhere for some reason.

I have not set any such thing (didn’t know they existed). My PC is 2nd hand, though, so prior owner may have. How do I find out?