Google Chrome & Memory Consumption

Hi Folks

I am not very knowledgeable about computers, so I wondered if something has happened with Chrome.

Recently, as in the last few weeks, when I open more than a couple of tabs in Chrome, my computer becomes maddeningly slow. Performance monitor indicates that Chrome is consuming massive amounts of memory. Right now I have three tabs open (SD, Gmail, and TTAC) and it’s eating up 1.3GB!

This never used to be an issue. I see no indication of malware or any such.

Has Chrome changed recently? Did it lose it’s roots as a small, quick, and simple browser?

I’m not here to bitch, rather I would like to understand if there’s an explanation here.

I just opened Firefox and opened the same three tabs, and the total consumption per Task Manager is 369MB

Chrome developed a memory leak or some kind of memory problem about five or six months ago. I don’t use Chrome and don’t keep up with its news so I don’t really know the details of it and I have no idea if it has been fixed yet or not. If nothing else, you might try updating it to the latest version in the hope that a recent patch fixed it.