Google Earth Flight Simulator

Is it common knowledge that the latest version of Google Earth (ie the one that introduced Google Sky) has a hidden flight simulator? Instructions here.

Just a note but on my XP box it was ctrl+windows key+A that brought it up rather than the stated ctrl+alt+A . It’s very groovy - I’ve had a lot of fun flying around the Himalayas in my F16! :cool:

Sounds cool, I’m updating Google Earth right now.

I am so terrible at this! Lots of fun, though!


My wife just showed this to me. I have thrice taken off from Minot Int’l (KMOT) with intent on a touch-and-go at Minot AFB (KMIB) Just a word of advice: the controls are better handled with a joystick, and there are no avionics or so much as a compass to navigate with.

I’ve done inverted nose dives onto U.S. Hwy 83 four times now. . . :smack:

There is a compass rose across the top of the screen. It is partially cut-off in window mode and completely cut-off in full screen.

I keep crashing.

I no be pilot.

I can’t make the mouse control anything meaningful, and playing with the keys is hard to master, but master I will, even if I wipe out half the Chicago area flying from the former Miegs Field.