Google Easter Eggs

Does anyone know of any good Google Easter Eggs? (Hidden funny stuuf throughout the web)
Here are the ones that I know:
Google Lunar Site
Got tt google moon and zoom all the way in
Download google reader and hit the bookmark until there are no more links. It wil bring you here. The next link will bring you here
Go to google and type in:
failure (or miserable failure)
worst band in the world
the answer to life the universe and everything

Yes, I have too much free time. But so does everyone else on this board. Know any others?


I was hoping to see more of these.

Possible whoosh…

What’s the googlebomb with “worst band in the world”? It just brings up 3 links …, and


There are a few “commands” you can give it:

define [word]

what is [equation]?


L337 G00gl3:

Klingon Google:

Swedish Chef Google:

Elmer Fudd Google:

Pig Latin Google:

Google Easter Egg Catch game:

Forgot a couple:

Google US Government Search:


Google Gulp (in four delicious flavours!):

I don’t know if this counts…

I’d never heard of Google Moon…thanks for the link. First thing I did was zoom in all the way.

Try it :slight_smile:

Google Romance.

Heh… I like the complaints page.

That did reveal two other currently unposted April Fools pages:

Pidgeon ranking

Google Mentalplex