Google goes trololo

Google celebrates (a day late) Eduard Khil’s birthday.

Google’s logo is an animated tribute to The Trololo Man.

Original video on Youtube.

Here’s a link to Google’s animated tribute on YouTube.

I like that song. Thank you for sharing.

Fantastic! How many more of these Oldie/Goodie things do we need to resurrect?

It’s clips like this that remind one of how OLD the internet really is. Lifetimes, in fact.

Does anybody but me see the (unlikely) possibility of a duet with Ed Ames?

Khil performed the song live on TV just before his death in 2012.

And *Family Guy* did a pretty good tribute to Khil.

never mind

Trololol is still my ring tone.

An article I saw earlier (sorry, can’t find it now) claims that the video became an Internet sensation because of the similarity to “troll” and “lol.” That had never occurred to me, and I’m doubtful of it.

I thought it was just one of those videos that make you go “what the hell?”

I believe it. Because that allows it to be used for memes.