Google has failed me

I need help and for the first time ever I can’t find it through Google. I need to know if a) such a product exists and b) where can I get it?

We are storing a fairly new/nice overstuffed sofa and armchair in our basement. I have heard that there are enormous plastic bags that you can encase them in that will not compress the upholstery like plastic wrap does, and will also keep out the damp.

Did I misunderstand or does something like this exist? I can’t find anyone who sells anything. Actually, I can’t really find any good advice as to the best way to store plush furniture in a basement.

Can someone share their wisdom and/or product experiences? We are moving this stuff to the basement for about 3-4 years - since our triplets turned 9 months old we have realized that the playroom that was fine for our first single baby is way too small for them, and are going to combine the living room and playroom together for a mega-fun center for them that we can gate them into for hours of fun. haha. However, the good furniture can’t stay in there.

It’s already in the basement; I just want to be able to bring it back up when the babies have become full logical humans and have it not be ruined by damp, bugs, or rodents.

Also, does furniture need to “breathe”? Or can you completely plastic it up?

As you can see I’m lost and would love some help.


Bumping so this won’t get lost…

Try here I found it on Goggle in 10 seconds. I looked for packing supplies.

Search for “plastic furniture covers” (with quotes). Turns up pages like this.

Thanks. I guess I’m using the wrong keywords. That is pretty close to what I am looking for; however it’s a cover rather than a bag; what was described to me was a bag that zipped shut.

Has anyone ever heard of this?


It ain’t what ya search, it’s the way that ya search it!

If you are concerned about damp you might consider putting inside some bags of silica gel too. These crystals will absorb moisture (indicated by a colour change) and can be re-activated by warming the bags of SG to drive off the moisture.

Warp Brothers in Chicago makes Banana Bags, huge yellow plastic bags. They do not have zippers, but they are big enough for most furniture and are easily sealed with tape. Warp’s bags seem to be a staple in independent hardware stores. The larger sizes may need to be special ordered.

I didn’t try a search but I’ve seen these available for cars, too. Maybe this will help in tracking down a ‘large storing bag’ manufacturer.


4 mils thick (very heavy duty) 84 bucks a pop

“a pop” = case of 20