Google Lies! Why can't I change account language?

My google apps work account seems to be stuck in French mode and refuses to allow me to do anything about it.

My first reaction was of course to ask google how to change the language, but its response was untrue!

Please see

On the right is a browser window containing google’s instructions, on the left is the window I opened after following their link to the ‘settings’ page where there is supposed to be a languages tab, perhaps it would be expected to be called ‘langues’ in French but I see nothing of the sort.

Why is google so dishonest all of a sudden and please help me change my language to English s’il vous plaît!

Try going here:

When I try that link on either my personal or professional account I’m just redirected to

I guess I better start learning French :frowning:

Try deleting all google cookies.

My answer below may not work for OP, but I want to chirp in that I find Google’s insistence that it knows better than I what language I prefer to be extremely annoying. With Wikipedia, one can usually simple change the prefix of a URL, e.g. from ‘en’ to ‘fr’, for a different language. With services like Facebook, one is offered choice of language on initial pages.

Google has some hidden algorithm to figure out which language to present, and may even change its mind mid-session. Note that even ‘’ will display Thai language if Google suddenly decides that to be more likely to suit my location. Respecting the user’s stated wishes would apparently violate its “Don’t be Evil” philosophy.

I am posting this from central Thailand on a laptop whose
Windows Control Panel -> Region and Languages -> Location
has been set to United States. This was a change I made to circumvent Google. I don’t know if OP should try this – I’ve no idea what services are being degraded by the solution I may have found to Google’s approach.

Oh crap. I thought that perhaps ‘Google Lies’ was a new function. Disappointment.