Google thinks I am abroad!

An odd thing has begun happening when I visit the front page is in some form of Greek/Russian script. When I visit, all is as it should be, and I have made double sure that all my google preferences are set so that English is my language.

What could I have missed? And why would it suddenly have changed?

I have no idea.

But I just discovered among Google’s language options that I can set it to “Elmer Fudd,” and I had to share.

Google ‘google virus’.
Seems some virii can change the Google home page.

And if that doesn’t work, google “Google ‘google virus’.”

So, you’re a dude? Have you thought about maybe dressing differently? New hairstyle? Ditching the k.d. lang cd’s?

Contrapuntal, it took me a second to get that… Then I laughed for at least a minute :slight_smile:

My virus scanners are coming up clean - it was the first thing I checked. Sorry, should have specified that in the OP.

Problem fixed. I just nuked all my cookies. Something in there must have been confusing things.

Sorry, folks! Thread can be closed any time you like.

(am off to check out Elmer Fudd-style google)

Be suwe to give Kwingon a twy, too!!

And Igpay Atinlay!