Problem With Google On My Verizon Mobile

On my Samsung, the search engine offered is Bing, which I hate, so I choose it, but put google in the search box, and it finds google, but it comes up in French!

So I go into google settings to change the language back to English, but next time I need it, google once again comes up in French.

The guy at Verizon was no help, other than to tell me “I’ve never heard of that happening, but it isn’t us causing it. Maybe it’s Bing.”

So can a cell phone get a virus and is that what this is?



Make sure cookies are on if that option is there.

Test it by typing “movies” in the google search engine, see if there are theater listings in a French area. They don’t have listings for all areas though.

Google is detecting your ip wrong, you need to report it to them, takes a month or so.

Possibly have ISP assign new ip.

Shortcut until resolved, click “Go to” , it is on the bottom of every foreign Google homepage

You should be able to just type in ‘’ in the browsers URL address bar, rather than in the Bing search box. Then, once you’re at the main google site, bookmark it…and if possible, check the web browsers settings to see if you can reset the default homepage to that.

Edit: You said you have a Samsung phone on Verizon with a web browser, so I assume it’s the Samsung Fascinate. Here’s how to change the home page to google:

open the browser. Click the ‘menu’ button (on the bottom row of buttons on the phone, furtherst to the left.)

Click on ‘More’

Scroll down a tiny bit and click on ‘Settings’

Scroll down a tiny bit and click on ‘Set Homepage’

Type in and click ok.

So your homepage is now google…however clicking the search button (the little magnifying glass on the bottom right) will still open Bing, and AFAIK there is no way to change that short of rooting your phone and maybe installing a custom ROM, which is a bit beyond the regular user’s capability.