Google logo art

Google’s a great tool, and I’ve always liked it’s clean, uncluttered interface. But I also really appreciate what those guys do with their logo to signify events in the world outside the computer.

This particular logo will only last until the event is over, and for those of you looking after 6/8/2004, the second ‘o’ has been replaced with a sun with a little black dot on it commemorating the transit of the Sun by Venus.

Little stuff like that can make my day!

I wonder if there is a Google logo art gallery somewhere on the web? I’ll have to Google it and see…


Here’s the gallery, but the Venus transit one is not in it. I can’t see it one the main page either. :frowning:

Here 'tis! Click on “Holiday Logos” for the Venus transit logo.

I love companies with a sense of humor. Google has a little whimsy in its corporate soul too.

This is A Good Thing.

It’s there now.

That logo is just begging to get owned with a 'shop job.