Google Maps URL with zoom factor -- ?

Before Google thoroughly confuckulated Google Maps, I was easily able to pass an URL from my database of addresses and bring up a map that showed their location.

In the modern era, the same URLs still work, technically, but the resulting map shows the cracks in the sidewalks instead of the 12-15 surrounding crossstreets and intersections and nearby highways.

I’ve Googled and found several web pages wherein people seeking to incorporate zoom factors have been given advice but I can’t get it to work.

• Most such pages have people passing latitude and longitude instead of address, city, state, zip sequence as URL components. OK, I downloaded a conversion table that gives me lat and long based on US Zip or european postcode, and now I can generate URLs of this format:


The “z=n” is theoretically supposed to define the zoom but it doesn’t work; all three URLs bring up the same image with the curve of Braddock taking up the lower third of the map.

I’ve seen a variant or two and tried them but they all seem to be outdated.

Anyone got a working URL that incorporates zoom factor and doesn’t require information that I don’t have available to give?

No idea if this will work or not, but “ClassyGMap” did try to preserve a lot of what made the old Google maps so nice.

Try this:

The z= parameter may be on a very different scale from Google’s. “t=h” is for Aerial Google Hybrid — there are several options.

:slight_smile: excellent!! That works!!

Thanks to septimus for mentioning Gmap4. I am the developer of that enhanced Google map viewer. Yes, Gmap4’s z parameter works exactly like you want it to work.

For a list and short description of the other url parameters that you can feed to Gmap4 please see:

Thank you,** Jelf**. And big congratulations! I’ve been using Gmap4 at ever since the maps at Don’t Be Evil, Inc. became too annoying.
What’s your motto? Don’t Be Incompetent? :slight_smile:

My new “general find stuff” map. Thanks :cool:

I’m totally a ClassyGMap user but I wasn’t sure how to pass a complex URL to it. I should futz with that and see what works.