Google Mirror: I am so easily amused

I was teaching a library research class to high school students tonight and one of them showed me this site. No idea why, but it just impressed me to no end. Had to share.

LOL! It does have something oddly appealing about it doesn’t it?

I just did a seach for “epoD thgiartS ehT” and it worked!

!tnaillirb s’tahT

The FAQs are interesting - especially about it being used to circumvent Chinese censorship!

I found it a bit creepy–not in a Programmers-Need-to-Get-a-Life way, but a My-Universe-Is-Fractured way.

I noticed only letters are backwards, numbers still show forward.

I’d like to note that my brain read ykcul gnileef m’I, which is *I’m feeling lucky * backwards, as **I’m fucking. **

Wikipedia has a thing on this:


I see, for example:

How are the numbers not backwards? Unless 2,997 years have just slipped me by…

Well… they have. We didn’t want to tell you because were weren’t sure how. racer wanted some time to work on a puppet show to demonstrate.

Duh. :smack: I looked at the site again, Google is spelled with the letters not only backwards but reversed. Everything else is just spelled backwards. I only spent a few moments at the site and assumed all the letter were reversed too.

Ha! I thought I was so clever by putting in “rorrim elgoog” to see what would come up, and the first few entries just say “Google.” I thought, stupid program, doesn’t reverse everything, and I’ve just now realized why it looks right.

lol audiobottle