Search Engine for the Technically Backwards Amongst Us

Check out the hits for epoD thgiartS!


::passes out::


EggNogg you are a halfwit, a cretin and a true oxygen thief.


!edud egnarts eno era uoY

I’m almost afraid to type “palindrome” into that.

Try it in Hebrew or Arabic! :slight_smile:

That’s the best thing I’ve seen on the Net for quite some time.

Cool stuff! How’d they do that?

The Better Half was home for lunch just now, used F11 to maximize the window as usual, looked at it, and immediately noticed way down at the bottom, where it says…

His opinion is that it’s an official Google mirror site for China, because China’s Google-blocking software probably can’t search for things spelled backwards, and he points out that they’d have to have Google’s permission to use the Google logo, even backwards.

Hey, he guessed right. Found a link.