Google News subject customization

I have a couple categories excluded from my Google News feed. They’re below the prioritized boxes with the never/always slider. I can add new items to the ‘what I read’ section and add new sliders, and I can add a news source and slide its bar to the left enough that it won’t show up. But I can’t find a way to completely exclude a category from the page. When I add a new category I can either slide its bar over to ‘rarely’ (which is more often than ‘absolutely never’) or click on the trash can to delete—the one that says “delete this section” (the trash cans on the other, prexisting subjects say “do not show this section”).

If it matters, I’m trying to find a way to exclude anything Olympics-related. I have sports as a non-read topic (which works fairly well), but it seems the Google editors don’t consider the Olympics sports.