Google Starts Goggle: Help You Stop Sending Emails After That 5th Beer....

Actually, quite a clever idea to ensure you don’t go out with the gang on Friday and come home and zap that nasty email to your boss, telling him what an asshole he is and…

Here is the link.

Cleverly called Goggle instead of Google, it is a new (optional) feature that asks you some basic math questions to be answered in a short time period. They figure if you can’t do them in the required time, perhaps sending emails isn’t a wise idea either.

Good thing we don’t have that on the SDMB, or there would be nothing to read on the weekends here.

I just activated it and tried emailing myself on the highest difficulty level. It took me 4 tries to get all the math questions right in the allotted time, and I’m completely sober! :slight_smile: Now, when am I most likely to be in post-chick flick depression…?

It isn’t as lucrative as Google’s gDay technology.

So instead of beer goggles, is this going to be known as Google Goggles?

I’d just use a calculator. I used to be really bad about drunk emailing and dammit, I’d be determined to fire that embarrassing missive off right then, no matter what. No math problems would have stopped me.

For various reasons, I do not drink anymore. Ever.

We accept you!


Now if Google only could develop the same control mechanism for people’s vocal cords.

I’m waiting for the cell phone equivalent. Stupid drunk texting…

Only texting? It’s those 3’o clock in the morning calls to women I just know would like to sleep with me (or not) that I’d like to avoid.

I’m thinking the possibility to set of a block for certain numbers in the phone-book. That would be great!

Sure. I start my thread 8 minutes before this one, and no one replies to mine. :wink:

I think I’ll try it out tonight: sober.

The Google Goggles - they do nothing!

I’ve heard of it. IIRC, there’s an applet that lets you block originating outgoing communication to certain numbers between 10PM and 9AM on Friday and Saturday nights (or whatever time period you specify). You can’t take a number off the list during those times. Sure, you can disable it, but if you’re sober enough to do that, you’re sober enough to send the message! :wink:

This calls for experimentation!

I took a look at the example in the linked article. If I was drunk enough that I couldn’t answer those five questions correctly in 43 seconds, I doubt I could sit up and type an email anyway.

Does it have adjustable difficulty levels?

Yes, levels 1-5. The level 5 problems were still simple arithmetic, but numbers that I would have preferred to figure on paper if I were, say, balancing a checkbook.