Google Street View

I was looking at some places I had been when in the UK and while the satellite images were fairly up to date in some of the remoter villages no new street view was not available.

In addition to the street views’ not being available the older original views were not available either:(

In the satellite view you can slide the timeline back to see previous images over the years, but in the street view seems that once the satellite image has been updated no street view of that area is available not even old one.

I realize that sending cars round the streets of the world again will take some time but in the meantime it would be nice if the last street view of a particular location was available.
Presumably Google are going to update their street view images eventually - aren’t they :eek:

I use Google streetview fairly often, but only for the US and Canada. The aerial view (the ones I look at are usually taken from a plane, not a satellite) are virtually always newer than the latest street view. There are many streets with multiple images dating over several years. Sometimes more than one in the same year, separated by only a few months.

People can request streetviews of their house not be available online and I expect this could be applied to whole communities if the people in charge there request it. Could the village you’re interested in have done that?

Heck, entire countries can and have requested and enforced it. National privacy laws mean that Google Street View remains unavailable, or with huge gaps in coverage, in Austria and Germany, and it’s been previously blocked in Greece, the Czech Republic, Lithuania, and other countries.