Google Voice? Why?

I just listed something on Facebook Marketplace. Someone wants it, but sent me a Google Voice code.

I’ve never used Google Voice and don’t remember how to sign into my Google account, which I guess I need to do. What’s the point of the prospective buyer wanting to contact me through Google Voice?

I gave her my cell number and landline number. Was that a mistake?

Google Voice works with regular phone numbers. No one who actually wanted to contact you would send a “code.”

Did they ask you to respond by telling them what the code was? Definitely a scam.

Yes they did ask for the number. I texted it back to them. They then texted me that my number was invalid for that code. They wanted another number so they could send a new code. I told them to just call me. Then they wanted my “family number.” I have no idea what they meant by that.

Since they said my number was invalid for the code, am I now safe? Or do I have to worry about being scammed?

(Are the stars in Scamoland, or something? I got a text today from my credit card with possible fraud. When I called them [using the number on the back of the card, naturally] it turned out that someone had charged ~$4,000 on my card at Nordstrom’s. New card coming Monday, so ho harm, no foul, but now I have to change the stuff that gets charged directly to that account, so it is a bit of a PITA.)

Sounds like you probably dodged a bullet. If it was me, I’d check my google account for any odd activity.

From your link, it sounds to me they’ve now set up a google voice account in her name and phone number that they can use?


Here is some (relatively complicated) instructions from Google Support to fix things.