Google Weirnos (new game)

What are there exactly 409 of? It’s such a weird number it’s impossible to guess. Which is kind of the point.

While I was enjoying this thread started by Tell Me I’m Not Crazy, I realised you can type “There are x” into Google, where x is any weird or arbitrary number you like, and see if there are any matches. ‘Weirnos’ is my term for ‘weird numbers’.

For example, would you think there are precisely 409 of anything? Well, there are. It seems there are 409 bridges connecting the 118 islands of Venice, and 409 households in Lockwood, Missouri.

What about 227 (another number I just picked at random). Turns out there are exactly 227 “rules for the male monastics in the Theravadin tradition.” And also “227 kinds of Tibetan drugs collected in Zang Yao Biao Zhun (Standard for Tibet Drugs)”.

What about 331? Who would have guessed there are exactly 331 baronies in Ireland, and 331 ports and wharves for ships (0ver 10,00 tons) in the Heilongjiang province.

I find the combinations of hits pretty weird. A numerologist should have a field day. Why is the universe arranged so that the number of households in Lockwood equals the number of bridges in Venice?

You can combine this with Googlewhacking. Is there any number you can enter as “There are x” into Google and only get a single hit?

Courtesy of h2g2:

There are 42 dots on a pair of dice.
There are 42 year-round research stations on Antarctica.

There are 622 non-teaching staff at the Instituto Superior Técnico Lisboa.

There are 622 people living in Staples Township, Minnesota.

There are 622 Catholic hospitals in the US.

There are 622 newly renovated rooms waiting for you at the Helmsley Park Lane Hotel in New York City.

There are 666 distinct ways of painting the vertices of a square with a set of eight colors.

There are 314 border crossings involved in the assembly of a Hewlett-Packard
laptop computer.

There are 271 division 1 and 148 division 2 colleges that offer track and field
scholarships for men.

There are 14 Avenger mine countermeasures vessels in service with the US Navy.

Here’s an interesting variation: note in the upper right-hand corner how it says “there are x result for “there are y””? Are there any numbers that cause x = y?

Only one hit for “there are 139307”.

There are 139,307 fewer people on welfare in Louisiana now than there were at the beginning of 1993 – a 53% decrease. [through 3/98]

Aha! So X-Ray Vision has the distinct honour of being the first person in the world to register a Weirnums Googlewhack! (I’ve decided to change the name from Weirnos to Weirnums, but sadly can’t edit the thread title). The challenge now is to find one lower than his (or hers).

If leading zeros are allowed, then “There are 0007” returns exactly one hit (Warning: Powerpoint):

Of course, that’s probably cheating. :smiley:

As of the census of 2000, there are 1,123 people,
408 households, and 241 families residing in the city. (Caliente, Nevada)

There are 1,123 households out of which 26.5% have children under the age of 18
living with them, 33.6% are married couples living together…(Louisburg, North Carolina)

Sociology Reference and Methodology There are 1123 books in this aisle. (

Most of my links contain demographic information.

There are 69 households each in both Loachapoka, Alabama and Orchid, Florida.

There are 69 restaurants on San Diego Bay and 69 hotels listed in Glasgow.

There are 69 computers in Princeton Street. (How did they get them in the street?)

There are 69 Luxury Suites in Bank One Ballpark and 69 “revitalized areas” in California.

There are 69 identifired carcinogens in cigarette smoke.

There are 69 miles per degree of lattitude.

There are 69 “secret divorce” cases on file in Connecticut’s 13 judicial

There are 69 sand traps on the Shenandoah Golf Course in Verona, NY (and I would probably hit each one!).

There are 453 grams in a pound

There are 453 people, 178 households, and 126 families residing in Smiley, Texas.

There are 453 thread colors in Super Brite polyester for a great selection.

There are 453 plant species listed on the Tasmanian Threatened Species Act 1995.

There are 453 kiosks at 81 stations throughout the US Airways system.

Officially, there are 453 US Assemblies of God missionaries in 28 Latin American and Caribbean countries.

There are 453 urbanized areas in the United States, plus a few others in Puerto Rico and the other outlying territories.

Totals On Death Row In Texas (As of July 1, 2003): There are 453 inmates on death row 188 African-Americans 145 Caucasians 115 Latino/as 5 Asians

There are 453 mathematicians whose last name begins with TH.

Where 453 is the last poster’s, that I saw, post count.

Give the dog a bone…

There were 913 sets of human remains after the Jim Jones mass suicide in Guyana.

There are 913 arterial highway miles covered by free cellular phone service to 911 calls in Oklahoma City

Powell’s Books: US History, US Presidency: There are 913 books in this aisle.

In 1755 there were 913 inhabitants of the parish of Newtyle, in the county of Forfar in eastern Scotland. In case you were wondering, by 1791 there were only 594 inhabitants.

In 1974 there were 913 Armenian churches whose whereabouts were still accounted for by the Armenian Patriarchate of Constantinople.

Beating my own record for lowest number with only one hit with “there are 8355”.

There are 8355 resources in this category.

“She’s real fine, my 409.”

There are ‘about 120,000’ references for ‘there are 12345’ on Google.

There are 12,345 painted sculptures in the old buildings and memorial structures of historic interest in Shanxi.

No, I will not check the rest to find if there are any other statistical references to 12345.

You may find sites like interesting too. For instance, “227 is the number of connected planar graphs with 8 edges.” There’re better ones too, where you can type in 3.141 and it says “nearly pi” and so forth, but I can’t find one.

There are 1,014…

…people living in Piedmont, West Virginia; Brundidge, Alabama; and Coventry, Vermont.

…households in Bull Shoals, Arkansas; Lakemoor, Illinois; and Faulk County, South Dakota.

…different cell types in the human body.

…GPCRs, including 24 bacteriorhodopsins.

…ozone monitoring stations reporting data to the AIRS.

…rooms and suites, all spacious and impeccably decorated in shades of blue or green, at the Wyndham Palace Resort & Spa in Orlando, Florida.

…prisoners in Northern Ireland prison estabishments.

…tons of GB sarin stored at Umatilla.

There are 1,423,635 positive integers between 1 and 1,423,635 - inclusive.


A “Pure Wierdnum” should return X hits, where X is the Weirdnum

(chances of finding one – tiny!)

Tiny flaw in that (as well as my spelling) - Google only gives approx no.s after a certain size - so 23,962 gets “about 24,000” hits