Google yourself.

Sorry if this has been done before.

I decided to google myself after seeing Oy Vey’s post. I found the following which I thought I posted here, but it was on something called "electric-dreams " ("Electric Dreams is an online dream ezine about dreams and dreaming. Community online since 1994. ")

Google yourelf. See what turns up.

I googled myself for the same reason.

I am there, as myself, twice.

Once on for some EOS gear I needed hel p with, and once for a cite (Yay!) of a paper I wrote.

I google myself once a year or so. Nothing ever shows up. :slight_smile:

  1. My first name is fairly common for girls around my age.
  2. My last name is RARE.
  3. I take great care never to give out my entire first and last name on the web unless I have to (and that means it has to be for something official.)


I’ve searched using Google for my name before. Unfortunately some guy at McMaster has the same name as me, it’s an uncommon Asian name too.

It did throw up some my Uni’s pages and an old management paper I did for innovation in the videogame console industry.

I’m a volleyball player, a newscaster, a senior in high school in Oklahoma, I died in April 1842, I starred in a Christian B-movie, I write about arrowheads, my husband’s name is Henry, I’m a law student at Oxford, I coordinate mental health projects, I’m a geography grad student, I was a geriatric care nurse in 1966, I was born in February 1662, and I am a nude celebrity and have photos online.

That’s just in the first fifty entries. Yes, I have a slightly common name. As myself, I don’t know if I appear at all – I’d have to add too many qualifiers to see.

My first name is common, my second name is not that common - put together, uncommon. All I came up with was some class registers from my secondary school.

Googled my full name, as in De V. Ena…
17 times, all actually me.

My first name is Summer, which complicates things as far as searches go. The first page is from a program I took part in during high school, the second is actually one of my cousins.

Well let’s see here.

I’m the president of

I founded the Highway Safety Foundation in 1954 (before I was born, I might add…) and was responsible for the spate of gory bloody highway safety films shown to young drivers for many years including such classics as Mechanized Death, Highways of Agony and Wheels of Tragedy.

I am a photographer specialising in: Corporate, News, People and Travel, based in London.

I am a fourth-year undergraduate at St. Mary’s College in the University of St. Andrews.

I own Rich-Way Farm on Dutch Valley Road in the Town of Edmeston.

I am a chiropractor in South Africa.

I own a gardening and landscaping company in Kenmore, Washington.

I am secretary of the Minnesota Bar Association.

Plus there are quite a few REAL entries from my days as a radio DJ and sales engineer of two-way radio systems, plus of course Kathy’s and my homepage.

When I google my real name, it comes back with a lot of gay erotica. Like, A LOT. I’m not happy about this.

Tried it several times, nothing ever comes up. Figures, since the only people with my last name are directly related to me.

I get:

A bunch of geneology sites listing people who lived in Ireland in the 19th century
A student from Georgia
The Gaelic Football and Hurling Association of Australasia (why yes, my last name’s Irish)
Synchronized swimming results from Kitchener, Ontario
An Australian guitar teacher
A real estate agent in California
Results from the UBC Legacy Games, so I apparently have a namesake in my own city

None of which is me. Of course, that’s using quotes around my name, as both my first and last names are common enough that I get too many results to go through otherwise.

I googled for “OpalCat” and came up with “about 15,100” hits. Glancing through it seems that 99.9% of them are me or references to me. Among the more interesting:

  • a guestbook entry I made in 1996 which already made reference to my site (OpalCat’s World Domination Headquarters, even back then) and said “…My site is pretty big…”
  • an article in USA Today that references my site.
  • a few things in the changelog at LiveJournal

I did this about 6 months ago.

I got articles about a bishop in Maryland (IIRC) and a DJ from New York,

I emailed the DJ back and forth a couple times.

Well, evidently, YosemiteBabe was kind/sweet/generous enough to give a crap about why the heck I took a year off from the SDMB. I give you my official Google search.

Thanks to this thread, I’ve found out there were great responses to my The Antipodal Side of Nevil Shute over in G’Dope. We’ll overlook the usual flack by a certain Infantile Mason Bottle sort of SDMB detractor who’s also shown up to pee in the punch. If I’m to be condemned with gobear, I’m proud of it.

Apparently, I was predestined to be a doctor, because some 90% of people on the web with my name are frigging doctors. Hmmmm…the pay would definitely be a step up from my current financial status, but too much physics and aerospace dynamics for my brain to handle. I’m the more creative screaming into the night kinda guy that the scientifically minded type.

Still, it’d be nice to be an accomplished writter in something.

88 hits for me. Most of them are me so it’s not very interesting. The 2 that weren’t me was a kindergarden student who wants barbie for Christmas and a lady who was filing bankrupcy.

My tinfoil hat still isn’t stopping those mind rays affecting my genitals.

But another alter-ego is helping out people with HIV, so I’m not totally insane.

Turns out I’m a guitar player for a Manchester band called James.
Probably more interesting than the real me. :wink:

No hits for “grimpixie” - there used to be, IIRC

Real Me gets three mentions - work website, church website, and a letter that I wrote to a newspaper that some website thought was worth posting…