Google Zamboni is addictive....

Well, I made it to the hockey players. Is there a level after that?


Cute little time waster.

Go to the Google, John, there’s a Zamboni game on it.

That was a fun way to waste 15 minutes! Very old school; very well done. What’s not to like about a game that is built around a Zamboni?

I made it to the hockey players. Only played one game. It didn’t do much for me.

I go to the hockey players, scored 227 and then my computer went down.

I couldn’t get past the hockey players as I couldn’t clean the ice under the nets- I tried ramming, drifting into them, etc. I’m sure I was missing something (maybe mouse click on the nets), otherwise it is the logical end to every game, but this seems misguided when my final scores were something like 000022.6

How do you get the doodle to play? When I click on it it just goes to a google search of “Zamboni”.

Doesn’t seem to work on my laptop either. Just a static picture.

Yeah, I can’t find the play button.

For me it works in Firefox but not IE.

I’ve had this problem before where the interactive doodles don’t work on my work machine (IE) but work at home (Firefox). I’ll have to try from home.

<Canada>I prefer Google Olympia™ brand ice resurfacers.</Canada>

Works fine for me in IE.

Yeah at work we use IE and these damn things never work for me. I’ll try it at home with Chrome.

Got to the figure skaters and scored 599, but I ran out right at the end. Could have made one more level.

Gas cans = good and needed

Banana = spin out, but you still melt ice when spinning

Electric thingy? = no idea

Ice Cream = points

Well it works in Chrome. Maybe it didn’t work at work because we have an old IE, 7.

The play button is directly over the second O in Google.

As soon as I went there the zamboni was moving around so if it just sits there unmoving you probably can’t play.

How do you play it?

Just use the arrow keys to move the zamboni around and clean up all the skate marks on the ice.

This is what happens when I change my homepage to DuckDuckGo…