Goosebumps on Cartoon Network

I know, I know, this is a cheesy and ridiculously bad show. Ludicrously bad. Horrid. But it has major nostalgia factor for me. They’re showing it every weeknight this month, I believe, at eight and eight thirty on Cartoon Network. (Yeah, they stopped exclusively showing cartoons a long time ago.)

Don’t shoot the messenger!

I think they did this last year too becuase I remember watching a few and comparing them to when I saw them much younger… They were ridiculously cheesy and bad acting galore. Still, the crappy theme song is catchy enough to warrant me catching a few episodes. Thanks for the heads up!

Goosebumps was introduced to the CN lineup last year around Halloweentime, I think. It’s been a while since I’ve seen the show, but I believe the popularity of the reruns has actually created a Goosebumps renaissance- the books are selling again (and Stine’s writing new ones), and a feature film is in development.

And if you like the cheesiness and improbablility of the show, you’ll love Blogger Beware, a hilarious blog devoted to reviewing each of the original books. See how many scientist parents and werewolves you can count! (Surprisingly, there’s a lot of scientist parents and werewolves. Always with the werewolves.)

Eh, Goosebumps was good for what it was: a darn-near-zero budget horror-ish show. It wasn’t as good as Eerie, Indiana.

I’m fom Indiana. I loved Eerie, Indiana.

Ooh yeah, I’m actually addicted to that blog. It’s great. There’s also for write ups of R. L. Stine’s Fear Street series, but me, I’m partial to the Goosebumps one.

I also liked Eerie, Indiana (or what I can remember of it), as well as Are You Afraid of the Dark. Goosebumps was just so wonderfully bad, though.

Any news on the feature film? I heard something about it a while back but nothing lately.

I used to love the Goosebumps books. I still have almost all of mine, but I’m going to let my 7-year old cousin borrow them because he’s started getting interested in those types of books. The TV show was laughably horrible, though. Maybe it’s because I only started watching it when I was a bit more grown-up.

No, I started watching when I was younger (I’d have been around 11 when the show first aired) and I knew how awful it was. Actually, by the time I was that age, I knew the book endings were pretty cheap as well. Still can’t help enjoying it, though. Something about seeing the book covers or hearing the theme song definitely makes me nostalgic.

It’s playing in my house right now. The nine year old sits entranced, then tells me his bad dreams have nothing to do with this dreck. The one I won’t let them watch has a “Chuckie” doll which is just too creepy.

Oh, you mean Slappy. I checked online and Bride of the Living Dummy is on this Tues at 8:30. So I’d avoid that one if you don’t like creepy doll things. And tomorrow is the Night of the Living Dummy III, another Slappy episode. (Yes, I really should not know these things.)

Impressive knowledge–thanks for the warning-I will keep him away.:stuck_out_tongue: