GOP consultant & two other men found dead in double-murder-suicide in Orlando

Story here. Police have no idea of the motives as yet.

How bizarre. (Hunts in vain for Spockian raised-eyebrow smiley.)

Other than this: :dubious: ?

The story’s definitely odd.

Nah, that’s “dubious.” I mean something that would express “surprised/puzzled/fascinated” without conveying doubt or hostility.

Oh, you mean the combined :eek: :confused: :cool: smiley? We killed it through overuse.

Double murder and suicide, but who did the killing?

One raised eyebrow is worth a thousand words. I use :dubious: for anything that makes me raise an eyebrow, not just dubiosity.

Still unknown, apparently.

That’s a bizarre story. Usually those kinds of cases are either domestic or workplace problems. There’s probably a large sum of money or some scandal or both behind it.

Well, if two of the three men were roommates, we can’t rule out “domestic problems.”

That had crossed my mind as well, and being a closeted, semi-high-profile Republican would have a lot of potential for badness.

I’m guessing the cause of death will turn out to be “strangulation with feather boa.”

See? If they’d just go ahead and allow gay marriage, they wouldn’t have this problem!

I can’t prove it now (I wish I had taken a screen shot) but earlier today one of the links on this Google page:

was labeled “Lovers’ fight may have sparked 3 deaths”. The story it linked to (which I believe was in the Orlando Sentinel) had a different headline when I clicked through to it, something like “3 dead in apparent double murder-suicide” and mentioned nothing about a lovers’ fight. Unless someone at Google was trying to be funny, which I doubt, the original article was replaced at some point after Google spidered it.

Okay, check out this link, which isn’t afraid to speculate.

One of the sub-links is even more speculative.

I’m personally speculating on love triangle, with one man walking in on other two, and killing them in a fit of jealous rage, then taking himself out on realizing the consequences of his actions.

Very sad for the families of those involved.

I feel as if the entire Republican Party in this country (yes, even including the everyday ones I know in real life) is pulling an elaborate joke on the rest of us. The punchline: they’re all gay. I can picture Rove - the architect of the prank and a complete flaming queen - getting nervous as the Foleys and Haggards of his party come dangerously close to letting the cat out of the bag. You heard it here first: at some pre-arranged future date, every Republican in America is going to come out at once. Maybe it’ll be at the National Convention, where every delegate on the stage will simultaneously rip away his dark blue suit (which conveniently velcroes in the back) to reveal silver hot pants and mesh t-shirts underneath. All the slogan-bearing signs in the crowd will be flipped around, to reveal REPUBLICAN AMERICA: NOW THAT’S A PARTY in hot pink letters.

We’re all being whooshed, guys.

And Barney Frank is a plant. The GOP put him over the wall.

Orlando’s a hellmaw; that’s all there is to it.

Will there slogan be, “We’re here, we’re queer, we’ve finally gotten used to it!”?

What I find disturbing is that my experience combined with the experience of the person at Twickster’s link seem to indicate that someone is pressuring the media to suppress that aspect of the story and that suppression is succeeding.

Not that that aspect of the story won’t soon be common knowledge, but the fact that someone is being successful in having stories either pulled or modified is disturbing.

It could be that they’re just making libel lawsuit (which I originally typed as “lawshit” and thought about leaving) noises, so reporters are making sure they have all their ducks in a row before publishing.