GOP planned platform

Holy Crap, Batman! Racism, Misogyny, Bigotry, Homophobia, Bible Thumping, stealing land from us and giving it to the states…and wiping their fat, white, hairy and well used asses with the First Amendment. :eek::rolleyes:


Just like the Democratic platform, I’ll ignore it. Activists write the platform while the adults plan the campaign. Even in the Trump campaign, there are a few experienced political operatives.

It’s extremely red, bloody meat meant to drive people to the polls who otherwise might be inclined to stay home because of Trump this year. It gives them some motivation to get to the polls and vote for down-ballot Republican candidates.

In a year when a lot of Republicans find the person topping the GOP’s ballot to be offensive/not a real conservative/too unpolished/not-ready-for-prime-time/etc, the Republican Party figures they need all the help they can get to turn out voters for Congresspeople, Senators, Governors, state legislatures, county drain commissioner, municipal dog catcher, etc. This extreme platform reminds those nervous voters that the party is still as Con-suhhh-vative as ever.

You misspelled “batshit”.

Here is a more direct [URL=“”]LINK to the list of principles.

What this tells me is that Trump and his campaign don’t give a shit about the party platform, as they’ve allowed the rightest of the right to take over writing it.

It may bite him in the ass. The platform is so extreme that the party moderates have forced a public floor vote during the convention on some of the particulars. Could be a lot of ugly and unwanted imagery and sound bites.

Aka Ted Cruz. :wink:

He was dominating the actual delegate selection processes when he was still in and hoping to win after the first ballot. A lot of the bound “Trump delegates” are actually Cruz supporters. Only a subset of delegates make the platform committee but I’d suspect the effectiveness at organizing at the state level to get his supporters selected as delegates helped him influence those selected to be on the platform committee.

This certainly reads a like platform by Ted Cruz. Whether Trump cares or not at this point his campaign surrendered control of the platform by bumbling through the state conventions.

Ah. Higher minimum wage is the same as homophobia. Affordable college is the same as misogyny. Health care for all is the same as racism. Got it.

(Don’t know if these horrible things will be in the Democratic platform, but I say it’s a good bet.)

It tells me that they are too incompetent to know how to control the platform writing process.