Gorgeous half million dollar tapestry woven from Golden Orb spider silk - Must see!

Story here


That’s the sound of my jaw hitting the floor.

From the story you linked to:

Better not let Bender near it.

That is so…I don’t know what the word is for it. Strange? Incredible? Bizarre? Obsessive?

Strange, bizzare, obsessive …

And absolutely gorgeous. I would love a close look at this, and to feel it…

That’s amazing. Wow. That’s really something.

As beautiful as it is, it still makes my skin crawl. I mean, SPIDERS! Gah!

To be fair, standard silkmaking is pretty strange, incredible, bizarre, and obsessive too. If we can get strong silk from spiders without having to kill them, that may be better than the tons of mullberry silkworms we kill every day.


Tell everyone there are spider eggs woven in it waiting to hatch and it should be theft proof :slight_smile:

I bet it is pretty and has a neat feel to it. We have those orb spiders around here. I scream and do a crazy dance quite often walking through our local woods.

I would like to Pre-order a Suit made out of that kthanks.


Gorgeous and unbelievable. I predict that this will be the next must-have item for the world’s billionaires. Or maybe trillionaires, if there are any.

I wonder if it’s bullet proof? Gorgeous, I was oohing and ahhing at the color long before I realized it was just the natural color. I guess those spiders really get a lot of Vitamin B! LOL!

This is my favorite quote from the article: “A very careful person simply pulls the thread out of each spider and wraps it on a spindle. It’s then put on a hand loom and woven.” A very careful person indeed. Gorgeous.

Of particular interest is the photo of the guy holding two of the spiders :eek:

My wife’s aunt has a large collection of these monsters under the eaves of her house in Brazil. I shudder every time I see one of them.

I have no idea whatsoever if orb weavers are poisonous. I have no desire to get close enough to find out.

No kidding - it cost a half mil to make, and sells for a cool billion.

ETA: That was speculation - I don’t know what it would sell for.

We would have to seriously reconfigure how it’s done. It took 80 collectors and I don’t know how many weavers 4 years to make an 11 by 4 foot tapestry at a cost of half a million dollars.

Weren’t scientists trying to genetically engineer goats to make silk in their milk? What happened with them?

ETA: I always thought of spider silk as white. I wonder what other colors they come in.

Pretty breathtaking. Here’s a detail of the mid-part rather than just the fringe.

Proving that there’s one in every crowd, here’s a blog decrying the “slavery” of the spiders who were forced to make this product. :rolleyes:

Spiders ?!

Dont you mean Insect Vampire Forest Kittens ?

Lucky Spiders…I wish someone scooped me up every morning and “milked” me…

Are we sure that wasn’t spiders to make milk? :slight_smile: